NCHR Ruling (VI): Links and Solicitation of readers links to Worthwhile Commentary and Analysis

I have no desire to bury people in this discussion, but it is important to engage with it. If you have not yet you need to look at the full text of the judgment itself here. There are a lot of links which can be found here and there.Law and Religion UK is worth following in terms of discussion and links also. I am interested in what further material blog readers have found edifying in terms of something to think either with or against on this matter. If you can tell us why you found it of value, so much the better–KSH.


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2 comments on “NCHR Ruling (VI): Links and Solicitation of readers links to Worthwhile Commentary and Analysis

  1. Katherine says:

    I have no links to offer, but I thank you for highlighting this issue here. Like the U.S. federal government, the EU here has decided that “religion” is a matter of private ritual and perhaps the occasional symbolic display, but that it cannot be allowed to have anything to do with the conduct of daily living. “You may have your beliefs,” they say, with a pat on the head, “but keep them to yourselves and don’t bring them to your business or your work.”

  2. Teatime2 says:

    I have no links to offer, either, and have been puzzling over these decisions. The only thing I’ve come up with — and I’ve thought this for some time now — is that it is probably a good thing for Christians to be at odds with the government. It seems to me that when Christianity has been the darling of politicians and favored by governments then corruption ensues and it damages the faith.

    Christianity does best as a counter-cultural sect that testifies to the Truth and we can only do that when we are set apart. I think that Christians are going to have to grow stronger in community with each other, set up networks and liaisons for work and services, get used to living at odds with society. That’s the way it was in the days of the apostles and I doubt that they expected the Gospel to be popular with the ruling authorities.