Seeing Darwin Through Christian Eyes? It All Depends on the Christian

Two congressmen, two Christians and two very different views of the man who in 1859 published “On the Origin of Species.” A century and a half after the publication of the book that changed our understanding of the living world, “this amazingly creative man,” as Mr. Holt called Darwin in an interview this week, still gets a whupping from politicians trying to scare up the votes of conservative Christians.

On Tuesday night, Mr. Broun’s wife told a room of surprised onlookers that her husband would be running for the Senate in 2014.

Mr. Holt says he is a Christian whose spiritual home is the Quaker meeting in Princeton, N.J. Mr. Broun, whose spokeswoman said he was expected to make an announcement about his possible candidacy in the next week, attends a Baptist church in Athens, Ga., and is a member of the Gideons, the group that places Bibles in hotel rooms.

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One comment on “Seeing Darwin Through Christian Eyes? It All Depends on the Christian

  1. Pb says:

    This debate is introduced in grade school where religion (biblical creation) is shown to be in opposition to Darwin. Nowhere are the problems of mathematical possibility, evolution of complex organisms, and conflicting fossil records. Also how cells evolve from lesser forms. The real problem with Darwin as with Freud is that there is a paradigm shift as to the highest form of reality. Darwinism degrades human life and such thinking is rampant in our culture. Most serious thinkers known that there not really a conflict between religion and science and yet we are teaching that it is.