(Christian Post) Episcopal Minister Details Hundreds of Near-Death Experiences in New Book

An Episcopal pastor and former hospital chaplain has released a book titled Revealing Heaven: The Christian Case for Near-Death Experiences, which chronicles over 200 near-death experiences that people have shared with him. The accounts describe both heavenly and hellish experiences, some of which challenge conservative Christian beliefs.

The Rev. John W. Price, 74, who continues to serve at Palmer Memorial Episcopal Church in Houston, shared in an exclusive phone interview with The Christian Post that he has spoken to more than 237 people who have had near-death experiences, despite his initial reservations.

Ordained as a priest in 1965, Price admits that at the start of his career, he did not believe in near-death experiences at all, and even turned away the first couple of people who tried to share with him visions of what they went through. As he explains in Revealing Heaven, when he became a chaplain at St. Luke’s Episcopal Hospital in Houston and more people starting coming up to him with their stories, he started paying closer attention ”“ and his views began changing….

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4 comments on “(Christian Post) Episcopal Minister Details Hundreds of Near-Death Experiences in New Book

  1. Bill Cool says:

    The “Read it all” does not point to:
    http://www.christianpost.com/news/revealing-heaven-episcopal-pastor-details-hundreds-of-near-death-experiences-backs-rob-bell-93115/ or an other successful link.

    [Link now linked – thanks – Elf]

  2. magnolia says:

    yah, well you have to look at where this is coming from. houston was all in at coming up with ss blessings. i take no serious attention of whatever they have to say.

  3. Terry Tee says:

    Time to share my own experience with you folks. When I was 12 – nearly 44 years ago – I developed what seemed like strep throat and a fever. Both parents had to go to work but my Mom called the doctor to visit me at home. By the time he came my knees hurt real bad. My throat hurt real bad. Sometimes when I tried to breathe it felt like there was an iron band around my chest and instead of breathing normally I had to work at it. Occasionally this felt like too much effort and I would stop pushing my chest up and down and rest for a bit. During these spells I drifted up to the ceiling and looked down on myself, and saw myself and my room from above. I was quite calm and unafraid. When the physician came and examined me I told him all this as if it was perfectly normal. I can remember to this day the frightened look on his face. He gathered me up in his arms and, although I was reasonably heavy for a 12-year-old, carried me to his car and drove me straight to hospital. I was there for I think four weeks, being treated for rheumatic fever which left me with a damaged heart. It did not get as far as the gates of heaven – but later on when I was old enough it certainly seemed to me to be proof of the existence of the soul.

  4. Bill Cool says:

    Probably in the 1930’s, before I was born, my mother had an experience similar to Terry Tee’s. She was being operated on by her uncle, a surgeon, and while anesthetized and in the midst of the operation found herself bathed in bright light viewing the operation from above it and heard her uncle saying, “I think we have lost her.” This comment did not particularly disturb her when she heard it. That vision passed, but he obviously did not lose her. He told her after the operation that they did think they had lost her, but that she rallied.