A look back: The top stories of 2007 in the Lowcountry of South Carolina

A lot happened. And the year gave us much to think about: The growing numbers of Protestant Latinos, the nature of Christian schism, what it means to be a person of faith and gay, how we should interpret the First Amendment’s Establishment Clause, what the faith community can do about the corrosive effects of poverty, the significance of our historic churches, and the meaning of tradition and change.

These and many other issues ”” concerning race, charity, the supernatural, religious pluralism, health disparities, Lowcountry history and Middle East conflict ”” have been presented in the pages of Faith & Values during 2007.

We hope the reading has raised questions, piqued curiosity, provoked ideas and encouraged debate.

In the interest of having one last look at the events and issues that captivated us, the newspaper staff unscientifically selected the year’s top 10 stories that appeared in Faith & Values. Here they are.

#1-Episcopal schism

A newly elected bishop, a growing community, disagreements over social and theological issues ”” These are what have affected the Episcopal Church parishes in the Diocese of South Carolina. The diocese, mostly critical of the direction taken by the Episcopal Church, secured its next bishop in October. It took two elections, but The Very Rev. Mark Lawrence will come from California to lead the diocese during a time of theological disagreement. More than 50 parishes nationwide have taken steps to sever ties with the Episcopal Church. Lawrence has said he has no plans to leave the church. Nationally, the coming months may bring some kind of resolution of the issues.

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