Financial Times Prediction for 2008

President Clinton, Google grows, $100 oil, but no US recession.

Read it all.


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9 comments on “Financial Times Prediction for 2008

  1. CharlesB says:

    Hillary!? Gasp. Thank the Good Lord I will be able to retire soon. What a mess we will be in.

  2. APB says:


    While being retired has its perks, as they say, it does not make me any less appalled at the thought of HRC in the WH. Quite the contrary.


  3. Chris says:

    what is their track record with predictions? I’m guessing mixed, at best.

    And it will be President Romney.

  4. Chris Molter says:

    Can we promise to pay $200 a barrel and sell the country to Google in exchange for a non-Clinton presidency?

  5. John Wilkins says:

    FT’s Track record is pretty good. They have great writers.

    Yes, let’s sell our democracy because we hate Hilary. That’s being a good patriot!

  6. gdb in central Texas says:

    We won’t have to sell our democracy, John W. Hillary will do that for us.

  7. RevK says:

    Please look at the Dec. 27th cartoon.

  8. Reactionary says:

    Misguided nation-building, profligate spending, naked vote-buying thru expansion of entitlement programs, soaring deficits, the paper dollar falling inexorably to its intrinsic value…what is it I’m supposed to be so frightened about from a Hillary presidency again?