[Telegraph] Women bishops: 'fast-track' solution will take at least two years, Church admits

… following a two-day meeting behind closed doors, the current bishops announced that the new legislation would not be ready in time for the July meeting of Synod.

Instead the Synod will be presented with four basic options ”“ details of which have not yet been published ”“ and asked to discuss them under the supervision of mediators before choosing one.

That would enable the new legislation to be debated for the first time in November ”“ a full year after the rejection of the previous measure.

If there were no unexpected hurdles, the Synod would then vote on final approval in 2015.
The arrival of a new Archbishop heralded what was seen as a radical new approach.

It included summoning different church factions to mediated discussions based on techniques used by Archbishop Welby in African war-zones earlier in his ministry.

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