Anglican / Episcopal RSS Feed created

We’ve set up an RSS Feed for all blog entries classified under the Anglican / Episcopal category. Here’s the link you can use to subscribe:

We can set up other category-specific RSS feeds (or Atom feeds). Let us know if there’s interest.


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4 comments on “Anglican / Episcopal RSS Feed created

  1. flaanglican says:

    I tried importing the RSS Feed into MyYahoo (it has a feature for adding RSS feeds) but it won’t display the title. My guess is the reason is that your title has a slash (“/”) in it: “TitusOneNine Anglican/Episcopal Feed”

    Maybe you should change the title to “TitusOneNine Anglican, Episcopal Feed” or “TitusOneNine Anglican-Episcopal Feed.”

  2. The_Elves says:

    Ah thanks Fla anglican. Will make that change right now. Let us know if the change fixes things. Nice catch.

  3. The_Elves says:

    Hi again Fla Anglican. We can now get the feed imported into My Yahoo (as well as bloglines, which we’d tried earlier today). My Yahoo showed a preview fine, but on our home page, it now says “no new content last 3 days”
    If you can keep us posted as to whether this is working for you, we’d appreciate it. There is always a chance we’ve goofed something up so that the feed isn’t transmitting properly.

  4. flaanglican says:

    I noticed that too. It’s very annoying. That’s the default.

    You can try clicking on the “Edit” button, then “Edit Content.” Choose “Last 5 Days” from “Any date.” There are variations. . .