(RNS) Sarah Pulliam Bailey –Is Eric Metaxas the next Chuck Colson?

Before evangelical leader Chuck Colson fell ill at a conference last year, crumbling at the podium and later dying at the hospital, it was Eric Metaxas who introduced him.

At the time, Metaxas seemed primed and ready to become the next Colson ”” a key leader in the evangelical movement, known for his prison ministry, but also credited with keeping Christians engaged in politics and culture through books, radio and other outlets.

Metaxas took over some of Colson’s roles, including co-host of BreakPoint, a radio show Metaxas wrote for in the late ’90s. He took Colson’s place on the board of the Manhattan Declaration, a movement Colson helped found to focus Christians’ attention on life, marriage and religious freedom issues.

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One comment on “(RNS) Sarah Pulliam Bailey –Is Eric Metaxas the next Chuck Colson?

  1. SC blu cat lady says:

    Good grief! let Eric Metaxas be himself. We don’t need to *mold* him into the next Chuck Colson. The best leaders have always gone the farthest by being themselves…..