Blog Open Thread: Your Thoughts on the Twelth Anniversary of 9/11

Remember that the more specific you can be, the more the rest of us will get from your comments–KSH.


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5 comments on “Blog Open Thread: Your Thoughts on the Twelth Anniversary of 9/11

  1. Pageantmaster Ù† says:

    Thoughts and prayers today for those impacted personally including the children, parents, spouses, friends and colleagues who have had to grow older more alone and for those in the medical and emergency services dealing with the event.

    This had a big impact in the City of London where not a few victims trapped in the WTC had come from.

  2. Scatcatpdx says:

    Post 9/11 is no reason to slack off in vigilance against terrorism. But that is what am seeing especially with the War in Afghanistan, drone use, and NSA surveillance. I not part of the knee jerk reaction. Modern technology like the internet or modern terrorism dose not leave us any easy answerers. Going back to pre 9/11 ignorance is not the answer.

  3. BlueOntario says:

    I finally got back to New York City this year. My wife and I were staying near Central Park; she wanted to know if I was up to going to lower Manhattan. Of course we’d go to where the Twin Towers were and visit the memorial.

    The last time I was near there was for business on Wall Street in 1992 or so, so all my memories were of a normal New York pre-9/11. We had talked about going there in Christmas of 2001 to show support. There are several reasons we never went then or since, kids, work, the expense. Mostly, though, I didn’t want those last memories to be challenged. Of a New York that was all go, with a NYSE floor you could visit, no checked bags or scanners everywhere, enjoyable travel. Innocence. And those ugly towers standing firm like vertical cities looking down on the rest of the town and the world.

    So we went. I looked for familiar names in between the tourists getting their pictures taken. I shed tears. The towers are missing. The Freedom Tower is a nice addition, but it looks alone.

    I look forward to going up to the top next time I visit.

  4. QohelethDC says:

    My 9/11 list:

    Breathe in. Breathe out. Marvel at the day’s beauty. Cherish family. Cherish friends. Send birthday greetings. Pray. Sing. Remember Ann. Remember Joe. Remember Brian. Think of Maureen going to a dozen funerals. Tear up. Walk. Breathe in. Breathe out. Breathe gratefully.

  5. Ad Orientem says:

    Memory eternal.