Choral Evensong from King's College, Cambridge

Listen to Evensong from 13th October if you wish


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2 comments on “Choral Evensong from King's College, Cambridge

  1. Robert Atkins says:


    Thank you for posting the links to the Choral Evensongs. It is so wonderful to be able to hear these on a regular basis.

    How exciting that King’s College has now decided to do this also. That’s a great picture of the chapel with Stephen Cleobury conducting the choir.

    It was nice to hear his voice introducing the October 12th Evensong. And, yes, we really did sing the Litany every Friday morning!

    Hearing the King’s choir do one of my grandfather’s chants was an added bonus.

    Thanks again for posting these.

  2. The_Elves says:

    #1 Robert Atkins
    Thank you and for the information on King’s and on Sir Ivor Atkins; a fine musical heritage. I see the choir is asking for feedback on these broadcasts, a great new online resource with remarkably clear recording which is not easy in a large space – Elf