Abp. Eliud Wabukala's Address to GAFCON, October 22: Global Challenge

The full transcript of Abp. Wabukala’s “Chairman’s Address” to the morning Plenary Session at GAFCON II today in Nairobi. Highly recommended.

It is quite impossible or us to experience worship and fellowship like this and ignore the global scope of the gospel. This is God’s revealed truth and saving for all people in all times an the Anglican Communion at it best demarcates this reality. Historically its origins lie in the expansion of the English speaking world, but here we are in Africa where, as elsewhere, the gospel has taken root in very different cultures. This is the Global Anglican Future conference because biblical Anglicanism is by its very nature global ”“ not merely because of our history, but because the Great Commission of our Lord Jesus Christ is to ”˜all nations’ (Matt28:19).

The challenge we face is that the nations which were once the spiritual powerhouses of world wide mission have now become deeply secularised and even hostile to the Christian faith and the Churches of those lands have more often than not been strongly influenced by the societies in which they are set. I am aware that for some of you, the threat of violence from Islamic extremism may be uppermost your minds, and we have had a painful reminder of that reality recently here in Kenya, but that which really rots the fabric of the Communion is the much more insidious process by which weak churches are gradually taken captive by the surrounding culture.

Those of us in Africa and the Global South have no room for complacency. A few weeks ago we discussed GAFCON in our Provincial Synod and one senior layman remarked that GAFCON is for the sake of our children. There are powerful and well funded organisations working to see Kenya and other African nations adopt the same values which are causing so much havoc to faith and family and society in the West and we must confront these challenges together as a truly global Communion.

One hundred years ago, what is now Kenya teemed with wildlife which roamed freely through the land. Now our wildlife is largely limited to special game reserves and some worry about possible extinctions. I think this is a picture of what is happening in part of the Anglican Communion. There are those who would like to see orthodox Anglicans allotted a reserve in which they must stay and not challenge false teaching and it is very sad to see faithful people struggling for a place to survive in such compromised Churches. Orthodox Anglicans who feel themselves beleaguered should never settle to be thought of merely as an endangered species called ”˜traditionalists’ because our Global Fellowship of Confessing Anglicans links us together as what we are, a global majority.

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