Manchester United loses again, this time to Chelsea 3-1

Jose Mourinho headed to the Savoy after this comfortable victory, receiving a special tribute night from the Football Writers’ Association, but his team hardly needed to put on the Ritz to put Manchester United to the sword. In second gear throughout, Mourinho’s side were just too organised defensively, a contrast to the visitors, and just too intelligent tactically for United.
That was what should hurt the champions most. Chelsea did not need to be special to win. Adding to the pain, Mourinho offered United his sympathy afterwards, saying the game had been closer. Such pitying almost indicated that Mourinho did not see United as rivals any more, certainly not in the Premier League where David Moyes’s side now lie 14 points behind the leaders Arsenal.

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2 comments on “Manchester United loses again, this time to Chelsea 3-1

  1. Terry Tee says:

    Pit poor David Moyes. Can a change of manager be far off? It must have been hard to succeed Sir Alex Ferguson and harder still for Moyes to find himself with a team that is not pulling together. There can be few jobs more ulcerous than being a Premier League manager in England. Of course, things could be worse: you could be England’s cricket captain having just steered your side to its eighth consecutive defeat on a tour against arch-rivals Australia, who are never slow to crow.

  2. Terry Tee says:

    Should read: Pity poor David Moyes etc.