Cleric Urges a Science and Religion Dialogue

Prompted by what he called the increasingly vocal hostility of some religions to science, and some scientists to religion, the president of the United Church of Christ has appealed for both groups to communicate more openly and to recognize, as he put it, that each has something to contribute to the other.

Faith is not a matter of “clinging to ancient misconceptions,” the leader, the Rev. John H. Thomas, wrote Tuesday in a letter to the church’s 1.2 million adherents, in 5,700 American congregations. “Today one of God’s most provocative voices is science.”

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One comment on “Cleric Urges a Science and Religion Dialogue

  1. libraryjim says:

    I think one of the problems is that [i]some[/i] scientists start out with an [i]a priori[/i] anti-religion view, and [i]some[/i] theologians start out with an [i]a priori[/i] anti-science view. In the past, these two fields co-existed and led to some magnificent discoveries, including plant genetics, cures for diseases, etc.