Anthony Delaney blogs Live interview with Rick+Kay Warren at the HTB leaders Conference

KW: Unexpected learning? How much depressed believers have to teach us. many feel ashamed because the message they get is ”˜pray more, confess sin’. Some of them are the most courageous people just to put one foot in front of another. Some people LIVE in the valley, they never walk out of it like the rest of us. We can learn form them what to do when the darkness doesn’t lift. When it doesn’t ever feel good, walking with God anyway.

RW: 1/3 of the psalms are laments. ”˜Life sucks, but where else can I go?’ I observed my life and observed the 6 stages of grief.
1) Shock ”“ purely human emotion. Keep waiting for Matthew to walk through the door.
2) Sorrow ”“ it’s a godly emotion, you can
3) Struggle ”“ why?? see it in Job, in Abraham, Jacob ”“ wrestling is a contact sport and that’s fine. But you’re NOT going to get an explanation. It’s like an ant trying to understand the internet. Explanations never comfort. You need the comfort of the Holy Spirit
4) Surrender ”“ I’d rather walk with God and not have all the answers. ”˜thy will be done’

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