(Guardian) Slender Man: the shadowy online figure blamed for a gruesome crime in Wisconsin

The Slender Man is unnaturally tall. A dark-suited nemesis, a sinister stealer of children, he is sometimes described as having black tendrils that extend from his back, but always as having a white, eerie blankness instead of a face. He is said to have the ability to control mind and memory.

And he is not real.

But according to police, on Saturday two 12-year-old girls lured another girl to a forest in Wakuesha, Wisconsin and stabbed her 19 times. One of the girls allegedly told police they stabbed their friend to “prove [themselves] worthy to the Slender….“Slender Man was different,” said [Drew] Slater. “As you focused on him, you began to realize how … wrong he looked. He managed to actually look like a predator and a man, all at the same time. It was spooky.”

Read it all (emphasis mine).


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