Western Louisiana Bishop Critical of Archbishop Williams' Advent Letter

Bishop MacPherson recently wrote his diocese with some reflections on Archbishop Williams’ Advent letter to the primates. In his highly anticipated letter, Archbishop Williams declined to sanction The Episcopal Church for failing to provide the unequivocal assurances sought by the primates’ in their February 2007 communiqué. Archbishop Willaims’ letter also offered no substantive alternative means of resolving the conflict within the Anglican Communion over innovations to church teaching on sexuality, a particular point of contention for Bishop McPherson.

“What hasn’t been said is when the continued extension of conversations and meetings will come to an end and a definitive decision made,” Bishop MacPherson wrote. “What also has gone unstated is when is The Episcopal Church going to be called to a place of accountability by the wider Anglican Communion, Lambeth 2008?

“Throughout all of this I have stated that we needed to follow the process that would prayerfully lead to resolution. Is there a light at the end of the tunnel before us? I can’t answer this specifically, but do know and have shared that in order to remain informed of all that is taking place, and the options that may well come before us, we must remain a part of the conversations.”

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9 comments on “Western Louisiana Bishop Critical of Archbishop Williams' Advent Letter

  1. Londoner says:

    Think he realised we are all being duped….while no action is taken in the last 5 years as we talk endlessly about what TEC did in tearing the communion….

  2. SaintCyprian says:

    I agree completely with Bishop MacPherson here – does anyone really expect that there will ultimately be a solution other than the ones that are the most obvious? Either discipline is instilled on the offending churches, or the churches of the global south will leave, it’s clearly a “one or the other” situation. What will certainly [i] not [/i] happen is a situation in which the global south will be content to stay in communion with heretics, which seems to be what the Archbishop of Canterbury is hoping for.

  3. Jeffersonian says:

    [blockquote]Is there a light at the end of the tunnel before us?[/blockquote]

    No, but Canterbury is thinking about appointing a commission that will consider the possibility of installing a small spark of a bulb miles down said tunnel some years hence. While this tiny lamp is not, per se, the exit generally thought to be said “light,” it is hoped that by placement of this bulb the “tunneling process” might continue, drawing the Communion further into darkness.

  4. robroy says:

    For the complete response by the bishop, go to Brad Drell’s site, [url=http://descant.wordpress.com/2008/02/06/bishop-macphersons-response-to-the-abcs-advent-message/ ]here[/url].

  5. chips says:

    Looks like he sees end game approaching for his diocese.

  6. Gary M T says:

    Re #4 robroy – Thanks for the link to what a clearly written letter. It makes sense to me for +MacPherson to go to GAFCON and Lambeth – not having already committed himself to a protest that could require him not refuse to attend as some others have. Of course, if Lambeth goes as ABC Williams has said, as a camaraderie building exercise, then GAFCON and Lambeth may or may not be overly relevent to each other

  7. John316 says:

    Western Louisiana is shrinking fast. 2006 ASA = 4015 (down 17% since 2001)
    One wonders if more meetings are the answer. Perhaps a down home “come to Jesus meeting” is what is needed on the bayou.

  8. CanaAnglican says:

    #3. Jeff, #7. John,

    As we write the tiny lamp is being twisted into its tiny socket…..oh, dang, the filament broke……. Never mind.

  9. Lumen Christie says:

    For a while now I have been pondering whether it would be worth it to try to write something on this or any other blog. So. Here goes.

    It deeply pains and grieves me horribly to have to say this, but the orthodox, faithful actual Christians in the Anglican Communion have finally [b]LOST[/b].

    The ABC’s Advent letter and the shattering of the Diocese of Pittsburgh have demonstrated to TEC, once and for all, that their waiting game has succeeded. They have stalled and waited us out until it has become evident that there will be no coherent and viable alternative within the Anglican Communion for those who must live in the integrity of a genuinely Christian conscience.

    The only way to remain an Anglican is to acquiesce to the “Liberal” “Progressive” Gnostic Religion that has replaced Christianity for those still in some kind of “Communion” with Canterbury and company.

    Make no mistake here. To remain within — to remain quiet and subservient — to remain compliant with the “instruments of communion” IS to agree to cooperate with and validate Apostasy and Blasphemy.

    For the past 5 years, I have been writing on blogs that the “stategy” of waiting cooperatively would only embolden the forces of evil in the Anglican Communion to assurance of their victory. In many venues I have pleaded for strong unity and protested against acquiescing. Perhaps my voice is just too weak; I have not had the opportunity to join with others of like mind even in an “orthodox” diocese. So I have had to just watch as things fall apart. (“widening gyre” — does Yeats [i]have[/i] to be right?)

    The orthodox have bled away slowly; there is no real unified entity which can come to the table with enough power to be taken seriously. And so, no one with the authority and clout to make it stick is willing to stand up to TEC in any real way. Canada continues to go its merry way with no fear of reprisal.

    Everyone played a winner take all game, and the game is over. We have lost any real place within the Anglican Communion because we failed to form a unified front which would be able to claim its own ground.

    Tory: if you are reading this: Sorry, guy, but no. Rowan has NOT “done the right thing.” We have been sold out.

    It’s over.

    Next year in Jerusalem???? Maybe. But only if separated from the Post-Christian Canterbury. It gives me no pleasure to say it.

    I don’t know if I can even care anymore.