(CT) 33 Under 33–Meet the Christian leaders shaping the next generation

For this story, CT set out to find young believers who we think are leading today’s church in key ways””and who embody what it will look like in the years to come. We consulted ministry leaders, highly connected social media mavens, and millennials themselves to create the following list of 33 Christians 33 and younger to watch. The age cutoff corresponds with the start of the millennial generation in 1980.

Born in the ’80s and ’90s, millennials have grown up as digital natives. Most of them seamlessly incorporate technology into their lives, careers, and ministries. They also come from the most racially diverse generation in American history: More than 4 out of 10 U.S. millennials are non-white.

The following influencers span sectors of work, uniquely contributing in business and nonprofits, media organizations and ministries, academia and the arts. Some are up-and-coming in familiar institutions; others are venturing out with projects of their own. Plenty of names on our list will likely be unfamiliar””we wanted this project to introduce readers to all kinds of young, committed Christians, to put stories and faces to the millennial generation.

think about who you would mention and then read it all.


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2 comments on “(CT) 33 Under 33–Meet the Christian leaders shaping the next generation

  1. Vatican Watcher says:

    I see they identify the Millennial as starting at the beginning of 1981. I fit under this definition, but just so. I don’t identify as Millennial and I’ve found it interesting that as time has progressed, the cut-off for Generation X has slipped more and more into the early eighties, even as late as 1982.

  2. Ralph Webb says:

    Vatican Watcher, the Gen X birth year date range that I saw most common in news articles (there’s always been variant ranges) even two decades ago was ’64 through ’83. That system would make the Millennial birth year range extend from ’84 through ’03.