Up Close and personal With Archbishop Benjamin Kwashi & his wife Gloria

Archbishop Kwashi & wife, interview on 6-30-2014 from Christ St Pauls on Vimeo.

Among the topics covered are: How the Kwashis met, marriage, children, orphans and ministry to orphans, women’s ministry, the roughly 200 kidnapped girls in Nigeria, ACNA, and Bishop Samuel Ajayi Crowther. Watch and listen to it all.


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2 comments on “Up Close and personal With Archbishop Benjamin Kwashi & his wife Gloria

  1. Pageantmaster Ù† says:

    Great interview, the points for prayer for the kidnapped Nigerian girls were profound and helpful. Thank you Canon Harmon.

  2. David Wilson says:

    What a wonderful interview. Thank you Kendall for putting this up. In 2000 +Bob Duncan had to bow out of a scheduled comfirmation and episcopal visit to my parish and sent +Ben Kwashi in his place (Ben was working on his DMin at TSM at the time) What a blessing it was! He preached a powerful sermon and we become fast friends. Gloria has been my fellow student as we both complete our Dmins together at TSM. It was great to see them both at the ACNA Assembly last week in Latrobe PA. I echo everything Ben said about the Assembly and look forward to SC joining us in an upcoming season.