Religious groups seek new life with merger

As local religious leaders made plans to gather for a forum today, one area interfaith organization is hoping to gain new life by merging with another.

The Kentuckiana Interfaith Community, a once-active group that had languished in recent years, announced late last year it was ceasing operations in its current form.

It now has agreed to become a subgroup in another group with a similar name and mission ”” the Center for Interfaith Relations.

The Kentuckiana Interfaith Community historically was led by the delegates of bishops and other denominational leaders, while the Center for Interfaith Relations is mainly led by lay people.

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One comment on “Religious groups seek new life with merger

  1. Jeffersonian says:

    There doesn’t seem to be much of a market for religious organizations that don’t have any deeply-held, core beliefs. Naturally, the Episcopal cleric in charge of this staggering, stumbling group is “thrilled” at the prospect of a larger band of wheezing, gasping groups.