Washington Post: God And The City

Saturday night in midtown Manhattan, and 25 college students are packed into the living room of a small apartment. The festivities are about to get underway, and in this demographic, in this town, that typically means mind-altering substances, which segue to deafening music, which ultimately leads to nudity.

That’s not happening here. There isn’t a bong in sight, or a drop of liquor. Just 7Up and Edy’s ice cream. And when the student in charge of this shindig says it’s time for the evening to begin, he doesn’t bust out a cooler of Smirnoff Ice. He asks everyone to bow their heads and pray.

“Dear Lord God, we thank You so much for this evening. God, I just say that we who believe in You, we trust You, Lord; we trust that You are working for good. I ask that You be glorified with the rest of us here. In Jesus’s name, I pray.”

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5 comments on “Washington Post: God And The City

  1. libraryjim says:

    What’s unusual about this? I’ve been to parties like this all my life, from High School into adult-hood.

  2. Jim the Puritan says:

    Boy, somebody should add up all the liberal stereotypes trotted out in this story. Starting right off the bat with if you’re a college student, you obviously get together to get stoned, unless you’re weird like these guys (psst, you know, on top of that they must be ignorant right-wing Republicans).

    On top of that, I “ditto” libraryjim’s statement.

  3. Jim the Puritan says:

    Oh, sorry, I forgot the sex.

  4. New Reformation Advocate says:

    A disappointing article. It seems very shallow, despite its 4 page length. The most interesting thing is how it treats the students of The King’s College as if they are such an exotic species. It indulges in lots of liberal stereotypes. This Washington Post reporter seems to regard evangelical young people as if they were Martians, aliens from another world. Well, that kind of bias and ignorance in the liberal media in itself is hardly news, but it is illuminating. It’s further evidence that we live in a genuinely “post-Christendom” culture, in which “the separation of church and state” has evolved into the divorce of Christianity and pop culture.

    David Handy+
    Passionate Advocate of High Commitment, Post-Christendom Anglicanism

  5. recchip says:

    I also was offended by that article. It implied that Christian Students are “weird”. Now that may or may not be true of Kings Collegestudents. They did not really look like the typical “Christian College” types. (Liberty, Bob Jones, Oral Roberts U)
    I was very concerned that Kings College does not teach foreign language or science. We don’t need undereducated Christians we need EDUCATED CHRISTIANS.
    It is obvous that none of these students is Episcopalian. That could not be. Remember, “Wherever there are four Episcopalians, there is always a fifth.” (GRIN!!!)