In Illinois a new rector Takes the Helm

[Timothy] Squier, with wife Kristal and four children, are living in Evanston but looking for a home in the Antioch area.
This is Squier’s first call as a rector. He served on the Northwestern University campus at Canterbury House as interim chaplain and was assisting priest at St. Mark’s Episcopal Church in Evanston before his call to St. Ignatius.

He appreciates the long history of St. Ignatius in Antioch, where it was established in 1915 in a former Campbellite church on Main Street that was built in 1863. The former church and rectory are now owned by the Lakes Region Historical Society. The parish built a larger building on five acres at the corner of Depot Street and Deep Lake Road in 2001.

Ironically, Squier grew up as a Campbellite, now known as Disciples of Christ, because his father was a Disciples of Christ pastor. He was ordained in that church in 1996 but in 2000 became Episcopalian and started the process to become an Episcopal priest.

“I changed my denomination because of the overall difference between the denominations of the Christian philosophy and in the way the sacraments are viewed,” said Squier. “In my experience in the Episcopal Church there is a deep desire to be connected to the long history of Christianity, and that is reflected in the belief that Jesus is present in the bread and wine. Campbellites believe the sacraments is simply a memorial meal to remember Jesus.”

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6 comments on “In Illinois a new rector Takes the Helm

  1. drummie says:

    Maybe I am being to hyper-critical, but nothing was said about loving and serving God. Knowing God’s love is one thing, knowing, loving, and serving God is another. I sometimes wonder if too much attention is focused on God loving us rather than us loving God. If WE love God, God will love us. If we love God, we will do the things the new rector speaks of. TE* tries to do what is mentioned on the social scene while the PB and her minions do not show a love of God. Without that, all the social good that can be done is to no avail for personal redemption. Feeding the hungry without loving and serving God looks nice but will not save me. Hopefully I am being too critical and this is a parish of God loving Christians with a true Christian rector.

  2. RazorbackPadre says:

    Seeking greater connections to the historic church and a right view of the sacraments is admirable and right. The TEC appears to offer these very things. The problem is that behind the image, the Episcopal church has repudiated its connections to the historic church by rejecting historic theology, doxology, and ethics. It is also repudiating the sacraments by its growing practice of open baptism and open communion. If this poor ex-Cambelite is sincere in seeking historic Christianity, then he will be devastated when he learns what the Episcopal Church really is. I sure was.

  3. Cennydd says:

    I’m very much afraid that he has a surprise coming……….one that will challenge his Christian beliefs.

  4. Little Cabbage says:

    #2 Razorback, you nailed it! TEC has left the circle of Christian belief. Millions have been heartbroken to discover the truth behind the sham.

  5. larswife says:

    [blockquote]Squier says his long-term dream is that St. Ignatius will become a worshiping and spiritual home for people who want to grow in their Christianity. “I want this church to become an oasis for people where they can praise God liturgically but to grow in their own spirituality[/blockquote]
    What happened to growing in God’s spirituality?

  6. Sidney says:

    This *might* be a very good example of yet another conservative who joined the Episcopal Church for the express purpose of creating conflict and destroying the evil apostate church. Is there any evidence this guy fits the liberal mold?