Avery Foley–How Do Christians Respond to Superstitions like Groundhog Day?

Superstitions abound regarding certain days, numbers, or objects. People fear that somehow Friday the 13th, black cats, broken mirrors, or ladders may have a hand in shaping the future. Most of these superstitions have murky, ancient origins and have been passed down from generation to generation.

Recent surveys show that superstition is alive and well in the Western world. One survey reported that 20 percent of Americans think it’s unlucky to walk under a ladder and 13 percent think a black cat crossing their path will bring bad luck. A survey in Britain found that 77 percent of those in the UK admit to being “at least a little superstitious” and 42 percent say that they are very or somewhat superstitious. How should Christians respond to these superstitions?

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One comment on “Avery Foley–How Do Christians Respond to Superstitions like Groundhog Day?

  1. Jim the Puritan says:

    I understand there’s a scientific study coming out, linking the groundhog to Global Warming. The study is still being peer-reviewed but is scheduled to be publicly released on April 1.