(Creedal Christian) Sewanee New Testament Professor Slams Bishop N. T. Wright

Setting aside the caustically contemptuous and intolerant tone of the letter, as well as its open hostility to Christian orthodoxy, here’s the gist of what Professor Holloway says: “N. T. Wright disagrees with my views on particular matters and he represents theological positions that contradict my own. That offends and embarrasses me. Therefore, Wright is not a real scholar and he doesn’t deserve an honorary degree.”

It doesn’t take a Ph.D. in logic to see how silly this “argument” is.

Read it all.


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3 comments on “(Creedal Christian) Sewanee New Testament Professor Slams Bishop N. T. Wright

  1. dwstroudmd+ says:

    Hey, “I Sewannee” is not just a euphemism, but a reality?! This guy has confused his existence with that of a(n) alleged university. Sweet! Is the universe his creation as well? Why doesn’t he get it straightened out, then?

    Boone’s Farm level whine. Should pair nicely with American cheese.

  2. Undergroundpewster says:

    A classic “Bulverism” as CS Lewis explains: “Some day I am going to write the biography of its imaginary inventor, Ezekiel Bulver, whose destiny was determined at the age of five when he heard his mother say to his father — who had been maintaining that two sides of a triangle were together greater than a third — ‘Oh you say that because you are a man.’ ‘At that moment’, E. Bulver assures us, ‘there flashed across my opening mind the great truth that refutation is no necessary part of argument. Assume that your opponent is wrong, and explain his error, and the world will be at your feet. Attempt to prove that he is wrong or (worse still) try to find out whether he is wrong or right, and the national dynamism of our age will thrust you to the wall.'”

  3. driver8 says:

    How extraordinary. The lesson to be learned is that non-revisionist views are not welcome at Sewanee according to at least one member of the Sewanee faculty. Alums and parents, take note.