The Latest from the Presidential Futures Markets

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As Tuesday’s Ohio and Texas primaries are fast appraoching, the Barack Obama contracts have seen a small uptick in price while the Hillary Clinton contracts have slipped slightly. In the Democratic nomination contracts, Obama is trading at 85.5 vs 83.3 on Wednesday. The Clinton contracts last traded at 14.2, down from 16.4. In the Republican nomination contracts, John McCain is now trading at 94.5. None of the other Republican contracts are really worth mentioning at this point, either in terms of price action or volume. In the Individual Winner contracts, Obama last traded at 56.6, McCain at 35.9, and Clinton 9.5. In the Political Party contracts, the Democratic Party is trading at 64.6, the Republican Party at 35.6, and the Field at 1.0.


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4 comments on “The Latest from the Presidential Futures Markets

  1. Little Cabbage says:

    of course, my first line should read ‘open’ primary state….

  2. Little Cabbage says:

    It will be no surprise if Clinton loses to Obama in Texas. It is an ‘oen primary’ state, which means that since the Republicans know that the GOP nomination is locked up, they are free to vote against Clinton, whom so many GOPers despise.

    This is not the first time I’ve thought that ‘open primaries’ are a waste of time, money and effort. After all, if it’s a ‘primary’, it should be amongst folks of a particular political party. And I’ve lived in several ‘open’ primary states. It’s weird.

  3. Wilfred says:

    Little Cabbage, if you think primaries open to voters of other parties are weird, try living in Louisiana. In that state, there is only one primary, with candidates of both parties [i] on the same ballot. [/i] This means in the general election, for any office, you might have a choice only between two candidates of the same party.

  4. Little Cabbage says:

    Good grief!