(Church Times) Bishop of London Richard Chartres sets out plan for ”˜Bishop for church-plants’

A new “bishop for church-plants” has been proposed by the Bishop of London, the Rt Revd Richard Chartres. The aim is to support the burgeoning movement as it spreads across the country.

The plan, which involves reviving the see of Islington, vacant since 1923, will be given final consideration by the Dioceses Commission later this month.

In a report presented to the London diocesan Bishop’s Council last Wednesday, Bishop Chartres argues that there is an “urgent” need for church-planters to be given “knowledgeable support and mentoring in the early years”. The Bishop of Islington’s ministry would be “inherently episcopal but not territorial; thoroughly collegial but with an independent sphere of responsibility”.

He or she would “open up new possibilities; provide reinforcement for the oversight which already exists for pioneer ministries; and disseminate the learning gained from new ventures”.

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One comment on “(Church Times) Bishop of London Richard Chartres sets out plan for ”˜Bishop for church-plants’

  1. MichaelA says:

    Hmmm, I wonder if Bishop Chartres has in mind to be the first Bishop of Islington? He is due for retirement in two years and I am not sure if it could be held by a retired bishop. But it wouldn’t be a bad choice.

    “One answer to critics, he said, was that there was “very little transfer-growth” to church-plants.”

    That’s not entirely true. Most of Holy Trinity Brompton’s plants have been in London and I have heard quite a few comments that it is much easier to get London Anglicans to take part in a church plant within London than it is outside of it.

    And finally, it is interesting that this is all happening within a few months of the first official AMiE church plant in England. 😉 Still, however it may be stirred up, it is a good thing if there is zeal to plant churches!