Millennial Influx–Young, restless and Anglican

“I’m Kirkland An ”” I grew up in a nondenominational church, but now I attend an Evangelical Free church in Wheaton. How about you?”

Have you heard sentences like these injected into a dialogue before? I must have used them, 11, maybe 12 times. If you have too, you might ”” like me ”” go to school in Wheaton, Illinois, deemed the most “churched” town in the US.

Because of the high density of churches around my college campus, more often than not, the response I get is similar in form, and includes a denominational change. Sometimes it’s a very small shift.

“I went to a Presbyterian church and now my church is nondenominational.”

“I used to be Baptist, but I’d just call myself Calvinist now.”

But sometimes, it’s what some might call a big shift.

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One comment on “Millennial Influx–Young, restless and Anglican

  1. MichaelA says:

    Very encouraging article.

    But I just have to ask: “There’s a fountain of holy water, which provides a peaceful background, and I always sit by the fountain.”

    Wouldn’t that lead to a lot of people needing to go to the lavatory during services?