An elfen request

Greetings T19 commenters,

Over the weekend we have had two threads which were rendered extremely difficult to read in some browsers by the posting of long links that overflowed the boundary of the comment box and caused subsequent comments to also runover into the sidebar. Unfortunately this elf who normally handles most of these types of tech problems was offline from Thursday afternoon – midday Sunday.

A couple of suggestions/requests:
1) Please avoid pasting long links in the comments. Learn how to use sites like, or how to make a link using the bulletin board code (a kind of simplified HTML code) specified in the “help” section of the comment box. If you need help, feel free to e-mail the elves and we’ll be glad to assist.

2) If you notice a thread where there is an overflow comment that is messing up the formatting, please send a heads up to the elves e-mail box:

Often, even if we don’t have time to read the threads, we do check the e-mail. That way any of us elves or Kendall can fix the offending comment and the blog formatting will be restored.




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4 comments on “An elfen request

  1. The_Elves says:

    By the way, before tech folks start weighing in, we’ve changed the overflow settings, so that a scroll box appears and usually there are no display problems in Firefox. However, the overflow code / scroll box option does not work properly with Internet Explorer.

    Also worth noting: links are PARTICULARLY troublesome. They almost always exceed the space allotted. I would guess that they cause 75% of our overflow problems. If you are linking a book (or other listing) at Amazon, make sure to use tinyurl or take the time to make a link.

    Many thanks!

  2. The_Elves says:

    In addition. Elf Lady is technologically-challenged, so nothing gets fixed when she’s online.

  3. Ross says:

    FYI, most Amazon links can be drastically shortened… a URL of the form:

    where “xxxxxxxxxx” is the 10-digit ISBN of the book in question, usually goes to the right place.

  4. Harvey says:

    To the Elves:
    A few criticisms I’ll pass along. I prefer reading blog entries that are only a few hundred words long. It seems as time goes on the entries get longer and longer and duller and duller. I have spent about 15 of my years employed for my writing abilities. I have had more than one supervisor congratulate me because I could state in two relatively SHORT paragraghs electronic test results for one given test involving many pages of data. If the TitusOneNine blogs get unduly long for me to really read and understand in a short time I go immediately to the comments to get an idea what is going on; although some of them are geting longer and longer.