A Communiqué from GAFCON leadership meeting

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We met in England as the leadership team of the Global Anglican Future Conference and Jerusalem Pilgrimage from March 10-12, 2008 and were encouraged by the support and enthusiasm of bishops, clergy and lay leaders around the Anglican Communion who have welcomed GAFCON and expressed their desire to attend.

We affirmed that the goals of GAFCON are to:

1. Provide an opportunity for fellowship to continue to experience and proclaim the transforming love of Christ.
2. Develop a renewed understanding of our identity as Anglican Christians within our current context.
3. Prepare for an Anglican future in which the Gospel is uncompromised and Christ-centered mission a top priority.

We received reports from our various task forces involved in logistics support and program development and are grateful for the remarkable progress already made. We are confident that our time together in the Holy Land will be one of great blessing for the wider Christian community, a positive witness of Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour and anticipation of our future as Anglican Christians.

Archbishop Peter J. Akinola
On behalf of the Leadership Team.
12th March, 2008

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3 comments on “A Communiqué from GAFCON leadership meeting

  1. Choir Stall says:

    Oh, OH!!
    I just heard the keel crack in our Ship. Captains awake!! Repairs can’t wait until the crew votes to be alarmed. Will SOMEBODY please lead before this Ship splits in two?

  2. Cennydd says:

    Sorry to alarm you further, but when the keel cracks, it’s already too late. That means that her back is broken, and it can’t be fixed.

  3. robroy says:

    At the website there is a new brochure about the Conference –


    Also, don’t forget to donate to help defray the costs [url=http://www.gafcon.org/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=13&Itemid=13 ]here[/url]. (I did and I got a nice thank you note from Chris Sudgen.)