Notable and Quotable (II)

Paul is 28. He’s had one serious relationship that only lasted six months, but he says it was enough to put him off them for life.

“It sounds bad but if someone offered me either love and companionship or an endless stream of loveless sex with different men, I’d take the second one,” says Paul. “Sex exists over here, and I get my love from my friends over here, “ he gestures. “Some might say that I’m missing out, but I don’t agree.”

He said when he fell in love with his ex he was cautious, but his partner kept re-assuring him. “He told me over and over that he felt the same way I did, that he’d never hurt me. He begged me not to hurt him. And then one day he just left. Dropped me like a hot brick. No explanations, nothing. I was left hanging for months, wondering what I’d done wrong. I don’t want to go through that ever again….

Adrian, 35, is of the opinion that while gay rights activists are waving the flag of domestic wedded bliss, less of us are actually settling down in meaningful relationships. He says that he thinks it’s all about what’s fashionable.

“Yes, there’s this political push for relationship rights, but that’s all about looking equal to everyone else. If we have marriage then we have to be treated like equally. It makes sense. I don’t think that’s necessarily reflective of what the community wants or how many of us are actually partnering up.”

Christian Taylor, A Good Man Is Hard To Find


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