Statement from the Global South Primates Steering Committee, London, Mar 13-15, 2008

2. Following the inconclusive response to the repeated calls for repentance and the specific requirements of The Episcopal Church in the Windsor Report and the various Communiques (Dromatine Feb 2005, Dar es Salem Feb 2007), the undifferentiated invitations to the Lambeth Conference (July 2008) of the un-repenting Bishops who have clearly flouted the bonds of trust and “torn the fabric at the deepest level” of the Communion is causing a significant number of Bishops to be troubled, in deep consternation and dilenma as to their own Lambeth participation.

The controversial visit involving the Joint Standing Committee of the Primates and the ACC (Oct 2007), without prior consultation with the Primates on its composition, procedure and accountability process, and its un-critical and overly generous assessment of the response of the House of Bishops (TEC) has further weakened the remaining fragile threads of trust in the Communion and severely affected hope for any genuine resolution.

These have caused various deepening negative assessments and cast further doubts on the state, will and ability, of the Communion to continue as a recognizable living and witnessing expression of the one, holy, catholic and apostolic church. Consequently, initiatives and challenges have emerged which could lead to further fragmentation and disintegration in the Communion, which is already in the nadir of collegial trust and confidence.

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6 comments on “Statement from the Global South Primates Steering Committee, London, Mar 13-15, 2008

  1. stevenanderson says:

    “…the Communion already in the nadir of collegial trust and confidence.” Yea, and a long time since. Glory! Can we hope that these Primates, their bishops and congregations will move accordingly to bring us to a genuine Communion, free of ECUSA and those who curry her?

  2. wildfire says:

    There is much beween the lines here that I’m not able to read, but I do understand this bit, what “broadened representation” means and to whom it is primarily addressed:

    The pastoral and missional needs for focused leadership and development, the deepening of collegial foundation and framework for the transformation and renewal of covenantal Anglicanism will be the focus of the 4th Global South Encounter, which by then should have a broadened representation.

  3. Br_er Rabbit says:

    It is quite illuminating that the Joint Standing Committee visit to TEC HOB was “without prior consultation with the Primates on its composition, procedure and accountability process”. Apparently the powers that be in Lambeth tried an end run around the primates that ended up veering out of bounds.
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  4. robroy says:

    My br’er rabbit, the “powers that be in Lambeth” was none other than Rowan Williams himself who concocted the sham evaluation process, that asked the primates and ACC to examine the HoB response through the wavy glass spectacles of the “un-critical and overly generous assessment” JSC report. Most refused to play this game. I am glad that these five are calling Rowan Williams on this travesty.

  5. robroy says:

    By the way, the GAFCon organizers are soliciting funds to help defray the costs. The above statement, other GAFCon news, a helpful FAQ as well as instructions on how to contribute may be found at

    (I got a nice thank you note for Canon Sudgen, himself.)

  6. New Reformation Advocate says:

    I note that on the Global South Anglican website, there is a report of the prior meeting of the Provincial Synod of SE Asia, led by the godly ++John Chew of Singapore. Interestingly, the Synod encouraged its bishops to attend Lambeth 2008, but recognized that some would choose not to do so and respected that choice. ++Chew is not only on the GS Steering Committee, but also serves on the Covenant Design Group, so he has a key role to play at Lambeth 2008.

    David Handy+