(London) Times–Robert Mugabe: a bad man in Africa

For a man so deluded about his past achievements, Robert Mugabe has a painfully clear understanding of his prospects at the polls. His rivals for the Zimbabwean presidency “may win some seats”, he said recently, “but they cannot win the majority. Impossible.”

Few would gainsay him. Zimbabwe’s opposition movement is more vocal than in past years, but more divided. Its voters can expect systematic intimidation this Saturday from police at polling stations. Constituencies have been redrawn in favour of the ruling Zanu (PF) party. The count has been centralised and will be supervised behind closed doors by presidential appointees. There is not even a pretence of fair election coverage in the state media, and in any case voting, for millions, will take second place to the more urgent business of survival. This is why Mr Mugabe’s election forecast is likely to be accurate. It is a tragedy for Zimbabweans; it is also proof of a colossal failure of international diplomacy.

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5 comments on “(London) Times–Robert Mugabe: a bad man in Africa

  1. chips says:

    I wonder if they miss Ian Smith yet?

  2. John Wilkins says:

    It always strikes me as odd that we went after Hussein rather than this man.

  3. Andrew717 says:

    It is politicaly impossibile to take down the dictator who replaced the white Rhodesian government. He may by a worthless, corrupt thug, but he’s a [i]black[/i] worthless, corrupt thug and that makes all the difference. Just ask the South African government, which supports him.

  4. evan miller says:

    They certainly had it better under Smith than Mugabe. I guess they would rather be deprived of political choice, robbed, beaten and starved under a black racist regime than be deprived of political choice and live in peace under a white racist regime.

  5. Andrew717 says:

    Huzzah! Looks like he may be out of office soon.