Christianity's new face emerges

“The new face of Christianity will be the black woman,” a renowned theologian told a Lexington audience Thursday.

Kwok Pui Lan, the William F. Cole Professor of Christian Theology and Spirituality at the Episcopal Divinity School in Cambridge, Mass., explained that in mid-2007, Europe laid claim to the greatest number of Christians in the world: 532 million, followed by Latin America at 525 million and Africa at 417 million. But by 2025, Africa will climb to the top spot with 634.6 million Christians, with Latin America a close second at 634.1 million and Europe dropping to third at 521 million.

“The challenge,” she said, “is to reimagine Christianity in the 21st century.”

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8 comments on “Christianity's new face emerges

  1. DonGander says:

    Wow! When I was a child (in the 1950s) I helped collect money for the missionaries working in the darkest parts of Africa. I prayed for two or three that I had met while they were on furlow (sp?). I gave my own hard-earned change.

    And God has provided the increase.
    All praise to Him Who reigns above
    In majesty supreme,
    Who gave His Son for man to die,
    That He might man redeem!


    Blessèd be the Name! Blessèd be the Name!
    Blessèd be the Name of the Lord!
    Blessèd be the Name! Blessèd be the Name!
    Blessèd be the Name of the Lord!

    His Name above all names shall stand,
    Exalted more and more,
    At God the Father’s own right hand,
    Where angel hosts adore.


    Redeemer, Savior, Friend of man
    Once ruined by the fall,
    Thou hast devised salvation’s plan,
    For Thou hast died for all.


    His Name shall be the Counselor,
    The mighty Prince of Peace,
    Of all earth’s kingdoms Conqueror,
    Whose reign shall never cease.

    Don Gander

  2. Dan Crawford says:

    I thought the feminists had already “re-imagined” Christianity at the infamous conference in the 90s. Episcopalians, if I remember correctly, were prominent among the “re-imaginers”. Now they want to “re-imagine” their “re-imaginings” – I can’t wait. Maybe Mrs. Schori can divert funds from lawsuits to facilitate the process.

  3. mathman says:

    Christian Theology and Spirituality?
    Episcopal Divinity School?
    What am I missing here? Does anyone else see the oxymorons at work in these appellations? Episcopal has no further connection with Divinity. Episcopal has to do with Hon. David Booth Beers and mega lawsuits.
    And the last time I checked, Christian Theology in the Southern Cone looks like the faith once delivered to the Saints, not new age reconstruction. Even that “sage”, the “Right Reverend” Spong laments the fact that he and his peers sent their outdated theology books to Africa.
    When I tuned in to the decennial conference of the Anglican Communion, I learned that attempts to shut down the representatives of the Southern Cone have been increasingly unavailing. In fact, the said representatives of the Southern Cone, sensing their input to have been rejected at Lambeth, are going to have their own anti-Lambeth. Rev. Dr. Lan is behind the curve on this one.

  4. Chris Hathaway says:

    I thought the face of Christianity was a Jewish man, oh… about 33 years old in appearance (though I’m told He’s older than He looks). I suppose when He retires we can talk about a replacement.

  5. Bob Lee says:

    “…first for the Jews, then for the Gentiles…”


  6. TLDillon says:

    [blockquote]It also can promote multicultural living through religious pluralism, the existence of distinct ethnic or cultural groups within a single society or nation.[/blockquote]
    And womens ordination was a good isea why????? Come Lord Jesus, Come!

  7. Derek Smith says:

    [blockquote] “The new face of Christianity will be the black woman,” a renowned theologian told a Lexington audience Thursday.[/blockquote]

    Did this renowned theologian also happen to mention that not only is the ‘new face of Christianity’ a black woman, she is also evangelical and charismatic – and definitely not a reappraiser, as mathman has pointed out so well.

  8. Now Orthodox says:

    Someone please help me here! As I read the article, my impression is that African christians will outnumber other cultural christians in the near future. My take is that the “black woman” will be, in fact, the mother of a ever growing number of children reared in the christian faith. As St. Paul advocated, men are to preach and teach in the public arena, however the wife teaches her young at her knee. The true christian mother exhibits Christ by example, especially in her home.