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T19 Login problems solved

Good news! For those who have been having problems logging in to T19, the login problem is now fixed. (The login had to be temporarily disabled because of serious spam attacks against the site.) The login link in the upper right hand corner of the home page should now work fine. (You may need to refresh the page in your browser). In case of continued problems, try this link:

We thank our readers for your patience in recent weeks while this problem was being solved.

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A Blog Admin Note: A New Category to Help You Find Previously Featured (Sticky) Entries

The elves have taken the liberty of adding a new category to Kendall’s EXTENSIVE blog category hierarchy.

This is the “Featured (Sticky)” Category. By clicking on this category link, you will be able to quickly find almost all the posts deemed important / noteworthy enough to “sticky” at the top of the blog for several days or more.

Give it a try. We hope you’ll find it helpful.

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A Blog Admin Note – User Registration, and How to View Previous Blog Entries

January 2013 archives
December 2012 archives
November 2012 archives
T19 Mobile View (headlines and comment information)

Kendall’s Introduction to Acts can be found here – the final video will be available on Sunday January 6th
See below for important information and tips about blog registration and finding older entries that have scrolled off the main page. After the Christmas – New Year’s break we elves will be working with the blog tech folks to solve some of the recent technical issues.

T19 has been having some technical issues of late, including problems with spambots overwhelming our member registration database, and also problems with blog instability due to extreme server load caused by the blog at times. Our technical folks are looking into these things and we’re trying to resolve them. Apologies that it’s been a slow process.

In the meantime for those having problems logging in to your account, or wanting to register, please write the “elves” (volunteer blog admin assistants who work behind the scenes to help Kendall) at t19elves (at) yahoo (dot) com.

In order to reduce the server strain, the blog settings were recently changed to limit the entries on the front page of the blog to the 25 most recent entries. To view older entries, it is best to use either the monthly archives links on the right hand side of the blog, or use the T19 mobile interface.

We wish all our readers a Happy New Year, and appreciate your patience as we try to continue to resolve these issues. — the elves.

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An Important Note on New T19 Blog Membership Procedures (Update: Nov 16)

This post is sticky – look for new entries below. [Updated November 16]

We have had to totally overhaul our blog membership rolls to clean out thousands of spam bot registrations. Some members’ registrations may have been affected in that process and normal member registration is temporarily closed while we sort out the details.

UPDATE: As of Nov. 16 we are still working to put new member registration procedures in place. It may be another 2 days. We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate readers’ patience. In the meantime if you would like to register, please email us at T19elves [at] yahoo [dot] com and we will be glad to give you more details about how we can create a temporary registration for you.

Click on the read more link below for more details as to what is happening with T19 blog memberships.
Readers may have noticed sometimes T19 features adverts for designer handbags and educational courses in the comments. Recently we have been receiving a number of membership applications from spambots, well quite a lot of them. Unfortunately T19 had to take some drastic action now to prevent more serious problems in the future:

Our registration procedures are being overhauled which will now require more human input from applicants and for us to manually complete registration. It will not be possible to register as a new member for a few days while this is being put in place and we will update this post with more information as the system is reconfigured.

We have had to review the membership rolls to exclude the bots. In doing so it is possible that collaterally some real accounts have been affected. Please check your account by signing in as usual with your individual password and check that your membership is still active. We hope that this has not happened to anybody, but if it has, it may be necessary to re-register when the new procedures above are in place. In a few cases the account may now be ‘pending’ – so email us to reactivate it. We would also like to hear from anyone who is having problems or needs help so feel free to email us [with your screen name so we can identify your account] at T19elves [at] yahoo [dot] com

Hopefully this will improve the T19 experience for the future. Many thanks and sorry for any inconvenience – The Elves

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The T19 elves welcome suggestions

Given all of Greg’s hard work in switching the blog to a new server, it seems only fair that this lazy elf who helps with some of the tech and admin tasks here at T19 get busy and do some much much needed and long-neglected work on the T19 sidebar to update links and make finding things around the blog somewhat easier.

We plan to devote a few hours a day today – Sunday to being available to update broken links and make a few other needed changes. We welcome suggestions as to what needs fixing or improving, particularly if there’s still anything that needs to be updated following the server move. Leave a comment or send us an e-mail: {encode=”” title=””}

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Server Move Is Complete

If you’re reading this, you’re seeing T19 on our new server.

Took about an hour longer than I had anticipated, but all in all things went pretty smoothly. Thanks to everyone for their patience.

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A Tech note from the elves about comment timestamps

As we’re sure many of our readers have noticed, we’ve had some issues with the timestamps of posts and comments being incorrect over the past week both here at TitusOneNine as have our friends and colleagues at StandFirm, with whom we share a server. Some comment threads have gotten quite confusing because the comment numbers and sequence have been unstable, with “replies” sometimes winding up above the comment which prompted the reply!

While our fearless tech leader is working on finding the cause and solution, we suggest you read this comment which I left on a thread earlier today. It offers suggestions on how to help minimize confusion in the comment threads should the sequence get jumbled (i.e. how to link to the comment to which you are replying).

Also, it gives you the link to the place in your account page where you can verify that your timezone and daylight savings time setting (if applicable) are correct.

Hope this is helpful. If questions persist, feel free to e-mail us at:


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From the Email Bag

The great value of Titus One Nine to all of us, including this slightly to the left of center Episcopalian, has been the inclusion of all the “news fit to print” (and leaving out some which isn’t) regarding the current challenges in the Episcopal Church. You have had the good grace to allow your readers to interpret that information as their intellect determined, until recently. In the days before the HOB meeting and subsequent to it there has been an increasing tendency to parenthetically comment on or reinterpret the input from various sources with whom you are not in explicit agreement. My belief is that this diminishes, not adds to, the value of the information. Many of your sources are unquestionably intellectually capable of making an interpretation of the current situation and the product of their efforts is their interpretation. Adding your editorial comment that they are in error in that interpretation is not terribly helpful as i t does not change their interpretation and they do have a right to that interpretation. It is no more right or wrong, inherently, than your own. So my advice is to go back to reporting the information and quit kibitzing.

But it is your blog and you are doing us all a considerable service by maintaining it, so thanks for that.

I would genuinely appreciate blog readers feedback on this, thanks–KSH.

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New Category

Ok, all of you T19 fans out there HAD to know this was coming!! šŸ™‚ We’re a bit slow on the draw, but yes, we’ve now created a blog category for the Sept07 HoB meeting. Here’s the link.

So with one click now you can get all the latest news from New Orleans.

Don’t forget, we also have an Anglican / Episcopal RSS feed.

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A reminder: T19 mobile view (just the headlines)

Should page loading be slow for some readers given the heavy site traffic, try this:

To see the headlines at a glance, and the number of comments per post, go here:

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From the elves: A request, and a question (updated)

Update (Friday evening):

1. As to the problem of text disappearing to the left after a blockquote when viewing the “recent comments” page using Internet Explorer, I think this problem is now solved. Please report any continuing problems you find, if any, being sure to note what web browser you are using.

2. I thought I had solved the right overflow problem (i.e. when there’s a very long link in the comment, which messes up the right margin). But my “fix” to hide the overflow, just created new problems. I’ve gone back to the original settings, which means if there is a long link, it will still cause the comment text to overlap the right menu bar.

The EASIEST “fix” is for commenters to avoid posting long links. If you’ve got a long link, please either use or learn how to format your link so that instead of pasting a long url www.abcdefghijkl…. etc., it will instead point to the link like: alphabet

Hi all.
We’ve not bombarded you all with too much admin stuff of late after a month or more of lots of admin messages when the new blog was launched in late May.

A few housekeeping details.

1. First the request: In general, if you’re contacting us with a story idea or a technical question or problem, PLEASE e-mail us rather than using the “Private Message” feature to contact us. Our address, as always:

We welcome private messages on other topics, but e-mail works best if/when we want to forward something to Kendall or our other elf helpers. Thanks.

2. A question: It’s been awhile since we’ve raised the question of any bugs that need fixing or any features you’d like to see. Or opened the floor for questions and problems. What’s on your mind? How can we help? A few folks have been e-mailing us about unwanted e-mail from T19/Stand Firm. We can help with that. We are also always available to help tackle registration / login problems. Let us know in the comments or by e-mail how we can help.

3. Finally: we hope within a week to make some progress again on adding more links, Anglican and non-Anglican to the sidebar. Kendall’s travels which left us in charge fro two weeks in July, and our own overwhelming workload of late have meant that any blog formatting changes or adding features or links had to be put on hold. But we’d like to get back to that as soon as we can. We’ve saved all the links readers have already sent in as suggestions. But we always welcome other suggestions!

Feel free to use this as an open thread to give us your gripes, your questions, your suggestions…. Especially for newer readers / members who may not have had a chance to weigh in on these questions in May, we’d love to hear from you.

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Fun New Blog Feature: Recent Comments

To avoid cluttering the sidebar, we’ve decided not to display recent comments there. Instead, we’ve created a page where you can view the most recent comments to keep up with which articles are generating discussion. Here’s the link:

Although there is no search feature (yet? maybe we can add one, eventually) on this page, for the meantime, you can use the “find on this page” feature of your browser (look under the Edit menu in Internet Explorer or Firefox) and thus find comments containing certain text, or comments by a certain user.

We’re really pleased with how this has turned out. Let us know how it works for you all and any suggestions for making it even more useful. We will see if we can add search capacity within a few days. We’re also wondering if we might be able to add a calendar feature to facilitate displaying all comments for a given date. We would be glad to have you all brainstorm with us and suggest ideas. Some of the best features we’ve been able to design so far have been the direct result of reader requests and ideas.

P.S. Don’t forget, you can also use the Advanced Search feature to see which blog entries have the most recent comments.

As an example:
1. enter “the” (without the quotes) in the keyword section
2. choose search in “Titles, Entries, and Comments”
3. Select TitusOneNine in the weblog box
4. On the right in the “Sort Results By” box, select Most Recent Comments

(You could also specify a date range if you liked, or a specific category, such as Anglican – Episcopal)

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The best bookmark for TitusOneNine

For those of you who have mentioned that when you first get on the T19 homepage it is not correctly displaying whether you are currently logged in, thanks to Greg G., we figured out the problem. Make sure you are using this bookmark for TitusOneNine: (i.e. with the full www and also the /t19).

At one point we were publicizing the link as That link works and will get you to the site, but the above link is better and will enable the blog to properly display your login status whenever you visit the blog.

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New Anglican Blog links on the sidebar

We’ve added a handful of new Anglican links added to sidebar. We’ll add non-Anglican links in a few days. Feel free to keep recommendations coming. A list of the new links added follows below.

We’ve added the following links to the Anglican Blog section of the sidebar. Note that we’ve made a separate section for international Anglican bloggers and that at least for now, we are not categorizing those bloggers as reasserters or reappraisers.

US: Reasserters


All Too Common:

Northwest Anglican

Quo Vadis

US: Reappraisers

Fr. Gawain (“John Wilkins”)

And to the list of overseas Anglican blogs:

Anglicans All, from New Zealand:

Anselmic’s place (a T19 reader and Anglican vicar in the Philippines)

David Ould (didn’t realize he still had a blog. Glad he wrote us)

Dave Walker (Cartoon Church)

Do let us know of Anglican blogs we’ve missed. Kendall makes the final call on these and there are some blogs he is choosing not to promote. But we’d love to know about blogs we may have overlooked. So, if there is a blog you read which you don’t see, please let us know.

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