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GAFCON conference program

- Anglican Ink - with live reporting from Fr. George Conger (Gafcon stories) [Anglican Ink homepage (some GAFCON stories are at this link, not the other)]
- ACNA's GAFCON page (click on the daily tabs for each day's news & photos)
- Anglican Mainstream GAFCON category Note: some Anglican Mainstream posts about GAFCON may be posted under the "news" category, so perhaps it is better to click on this link which provides search results for all entries with the word GAFCON
- TitusOneNine GAFCON category

VIDEOS: Anglican TV:
Live Feed videocasts
Anglican TV - archived videos
*IMPORTANT*: There are several GAFCON videos on KevinKallsen's YouTube page that are not yet archived at AnglicanTV.
GAFCON videos page (Vimeo)

#GAFCON2013 [Other variants: #GAFCON or #GAFCON13]
ACNA Twitter Feed page
Anglican Future @gafconference

GAFCON Facebook page
ACNA Facebook page
Photo album from the GAFCON site (with captions!)
[** NEW **] George Conger's GAFCON II Photo Album at Flickr {see note on copyright here.)

BLOGS: (focusing on first-person blog entries by those attending the conference)
David Ould
Juicy Ecumenicism (IRD blog) - reporting by Jeff Walton & Faith McDonnell
21st Century Anglican
I am not the man (Nigel Fortescue, Australia)
Fr. George Conger's blog (includes his stories for publications like the Church Times, etc.)
LRM (Laurel Moffatt, Sydney Australia) [*updated link*]
**Bishop Mark Lawrence's blog
Restoration Anglican Church blog (Arlington, VA)
Does Anyone Read These Things? (St. Timothy's Anglican, Burlington, VT)
Blog of St. John's Working, UK
Jolly Monk blog
Rob Munro's blog
The Beach Blog (Bishop Foley Beach)
[New]The Rev. Shari Hobby (Trinity Anglican, Thomasville Georgia) [Reports on church facebook page]
[New] Updates from John W Yates III (Holy Trinity Anglican, Raleigh NC)

GAFCON Collect
Lent & Beyond GAFCON category
GAFCON Prayer Bulletins
GAFCON Prayer Points


**(signifies a featured entry)

Sunday Oct 20 - Opening Worship & Primates Meeting with ABC
** Video: Abp. Welby Addresses GAFCON (Oct. 20)
** Notes of Archbishop Justin’s sermon to GAFCON Primates in Nairobi
50 great pictures from Oct. 20th service at Cathedral (ACNA facebook page)
** TRANSCRIPT: Archbishop Jensen's address to the archbishops' luncheon with Justin Welby
** VIDEO: Archbishop Jensen's address to the archbishops' luncheon with Justin Welby [12:12]

DAY 1: Monday Oct 21:
Day 1 Press Release: Nairobi conference confirms major realignment in Anglican Communion
Monday Oct 21 Daily Digest (ACNA)
GAFCON 2: Monday 21st October (Andrew Symes, Anglican Mainstream)
October 21 photos - ACNA facebook page
** Video: Monday highlights (Gafcon)
** Video: Opening Press Conference (Oct 21) [There is also a short 3 minute compilation of excerpts from the Day 1 Press Conference - watch it here.]
** David Ould: Gafcon Day 1- The Church Gathered and a Firm Word for Abp Welby
Laurel Moffatt: GAFCON Day One in Living Colour
Bishop Mark Lawrence: Jottings from GAFCONII
**GAFCON Feature Article: Legacy of East African Revival Frames GAFCON Opening Night
** Video: Abp. Wabukala welcomes delegates to Kenya [7:41]
** Video: Abp Jensen Opens the GAFCON Conference (including roll call of nations) [22 minutes]
GAFCON DAY 1: Seeds of Revival? (Rob Munro's blog)
** TRANSCRIPT: Presentation on the East African Revival by the Rev. Dr. John Senyonyi, (Vice-Chancellor of Uganda Christian University)
Selected Tweets: GAFCON Day 1
** [NEW] Fr. George Conger's Summary of Day 1 at GAFCON: Revival and the Anglican Way
** [NEW] VIDEO: Presentation on the East Africa Revival by the Rev. Dr. John Senyonyi (Vice-Chancellor of Uganda Christian University) [48 minutes]

DAY 2: Tuesday Oct 22:
**TRANSCRIPT: Chairman’s Address GAFCON 2013 Plenary 22nd October
Tuesday Oct 22 Photos (ACNA)
** David Ould: GAFCON Day 2 - A Clear Challenge to Welby and Much More
GAFCON Diary Day 2 (Anglican Mainstream)
GAfCON Day Two (Nigel Fortescue's blog)
**GAFCON Feature Article: Churches tempted to ‘change Christian faith’ for culture
ACNA Tuesday GAFCON Daily Digest
Tuesday Highlights Video [under 3 minutes]
Video: Apb, Jensen interviews Andrea Minichiello Williams on Christian Persecution in the UK [2:30] [this was part of the "You are not alone" series]
VIDEO: The Rev. Paul Perkin: What is happening in the Church of England [18 minutes]
VIDEO: The Lonely Church [13 minutes]
** Rob Munro: GAFCON Day 2: Who's Changing Whom?
*** TRANSCRIPT: The Grace of God OR the world of the West? The Rev Dr Michael Ovey (President, Oak Hill College) [highly recommended!] [PDF File is here]
You Are Not Alone - brief summary of several of the testimonies from those persecuted for their faith (AAC website)
Selected Tweets: GAFCON Day 2
**[NEW] VIDEO: Bishop Michael Nazir-Ali: Global Challenge [12 minutes]
**[NEW] VIDEO: Dr. Mike Ovey's presentation on The Grace of God or the World of the West [50 minutes]
**[NEW] TRANSCRIPT: The Rev. Paul Perkin: Battle for the Soul of Britain - what;s happening in the CoE
***[NEW] Fr. George Conger's Summary of Day 2 at GAFCON - A Suffering and Lonely Church (VERY HELPFUL - includes embedded links to various videos)

DAY 3: Wednesday Oct. 23:
Archbishop Justin Welby's video message to GAFCON
GAFCON Delegates Share Across Cultures as Mini-Conferences Begin
VIDEO: Participants reflect on the mini-conferences taking place at GAFCON [2:30]
David Ould: Day 3: Welby and Jensen - Ambiguity of Context and Clarity of Scripture
** Nigel Fortescue: GAFCON Day 3
** GAFCON Report Day 3 (Anglican Mainstream)
Rob Munro: GAFCON Day 3: What marks a movement of the Holy Spirit?
Photos: Day 3 (ACNA facebook page)
Selected Tweets from GAFCON II - Day 3 October 23, 2013
ACNA Daily Digest - Wednesday
** Laurel Moffatt: GAFCON Many Voices One Song
** Restoration Anglican: Nairobi #2

Day 4: Thursday Oct 24
We elves have not been slacking off, but today is a slow news day at GAFCON. Much of the afternoon and evening was free for a visit to a national park and a cultural evening, so there are likely to be few materials available for today.
** Summary GAFCON II Day 4 (Andrew Symes, Anglican Mainstream)
** Nigel Fortescue: GAFCON Day 4
** Rob Munro: GAFCON Day 4: Widening Horizons
** Bishop Foley Beach: The Suffering Church
Photos Day 4 (ACNA facebook page - mostly pictures from this afternoon's trip to Nairobi National Park
** David Ould: GAFCON Day 4: Global Anglicanism in its Natural State
GAFCON Day 4 (St. John's Working UK blog)
Shari Hobby: GAFCON Reoprt Day 4
VIDEO: GAFCON Thursday Highlights
ACNA GAFCON Daily Digest Thursday
Video on Women's mini-conference [3:00]
*** [NEW] ** Bishop Mark Lawrence: Jottings from GAFCON II - Take 2 (summarizes Days 2 - 4)

GAFCON Day 5: Friday Oct 25
**VIDEO: GAFCON Friday Press Conference
David Ould: BREAKING: GAFCON Movement Bishops Vote to Expand - Across Boundaries
** Friday October 25 Press Release: GAFCON Votes to Expand
** Anglican Mainstream: GAFCON 2 Report Friday October 25
** Nigel Fortescue: GAFCON Day 5
** St. John's Working UK blog: GAFCON Friday, Day 5
** Rob Munro: GAFCON Day 5 - Discerning the call of God for the Future
** Bishop Foley Beach: GAFCON the East Africa Revival (this is a bit of a general overview, not as specifically about Day 5, but it is very good)
Selected Tweets GAFCON Day 5
VIDEO: Canon Phil Ashey of AAC - Anglican Perspective Commentary on GAFCON as an Ecclesial movement [2 minutes]
ACNA Daily Digest - Friday
Friday Photos - ACNA facebook page
[NEW] Jeff Walton: GAFCON Leaders Point to “Strong Foundation of the Bible” at Second Press Gathering
[NEW] Friday Highlights Video
** [NEW] Snippets of African Worship "Afayo [He is Lord] via Instagram here and here

GAFCON DAY 6: Saturday October 26

** [NEW] ** FINAL Nairobi Communique and Commitment PDF Version is here
Feature Article: GAFCON ends with commitment in Nairobi
Chris Sugden (Christian Today): GAFCON offers itself as 'important and effective instrument of Communion'
**[NEW] Laurel Moffatt: GAFCON - Strands of Loving Kindness
**[NEW] Rob Munro: GAFCON Day 6 - Discovering the Real Meaning of the Anglican Communion
[NEW] Some Final Tweets from GAFCON Day 6
**[NEW] Restoration Anglican: GAFCON Day 6
**[NEW] St John's Working UK: GAFCON Day 6
**[NEW] Lent & Beyond: The Faces of GAFCON - Part 2 (30 awesome pictures)

We will update this list as we find more links. We would love to know of anyone blogging about the conference, or any other good links you find for following the conference. Please leave a comment with any links you recommend. - the elves.

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January 2013 archives
December 2012 archives
November 2012 archives
T19 Mobile View (headlines and comment information)

Kendall's Introduction to Acts can be found here - the final video will be available on Sunday January 6th
See below for important information and tips about blog registration and finding older entries that have scrolled off the main page. After the Christmas - New Year's break we elves will be working with the blog tech folks to solve some of the recent technical issues.

T19 has been having some technical issues of late, including problems with spambots overwhelming our member registration database, and also problems with blog instability due to extreme server load caused by the blog at times. Our technical folks are looking into these things and we're trying to resolve them. Apologies that it's been a slow process.

In the meantime for those having problems logging in to your account, or wanting to register, please write the "elves" (volunteer blog admin assistants who work behind the scenes to help Kendall) at t19elves (at) yahoo (dot) com.

In order to reduce the server strain, the blog settings were recently changed to limit the entries on the front page of the blog to the 25 most recent entries. To view older entries, it is best to use either the monthly archives links on the right hand side of the blog, or use the T19 mobile interface.

We wish all our readers a Happy New Year, and appreciate your patience as we try to continue to resolve these issues. -- the elves.

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This post is sticky - look for new entries below. [Updated November 16]

We have had to totally overhaul our blog membership rolls to clean out thousands of spam bot registrations. Some members' registrations may have been affected in that process and normal member registration is temporarily closed while we sort out the details.

UPDATE: As of Nov. 16 we are still working to put new member registration procedures in place. It may be another 2 days. We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate readers' patience. In the meantime if you would like to register, please email us at T19elves [at] yahoo [dot] com and we will be glad to give you more details about how we can create a temporary registration for you.

Click on the read more link below for more details as to what is happening with T19 blog memberships.

Readers may have noticed sometimes T19 features adverts for designer handbags and educational courses in the comments. Recently we have been receiving a number of membership applications from spambots, well quite a lot of them. Unfortunately T19 had to take some drastic action now to prevent more serious problems in the future:

Our registration procedures are being overhauled which will now require more human input from applicants and for us to manually complete registration. It will not be possible to register as a new member for a few days while this is being put in place and we will update this post with more information as the system is reconfigured.

We have had to review the membership rolls to exclude the bots. In doing so it is possible that collaterally some real accounts have been affected. Please check your account by signing in as usual with your individual password and check that your membership is still active. We hope that this has not happened to anybody, but if it has, it may be necessary to re-register when the new procedures above are in place. In a few cases the account may now be 'pending' - so email us to reactivate it. We would also like to hear from anyone who is having problems or needs help so feel free to email us [with your screen name so we can identify your account] at T19elves [at] yahoo [dot] com

Hopefully this will improve the T19 experience for the future. Many thanks and sorry for any inconvenience - The Elves

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Please post your experiences of Hurricane Sandy in the comments, including links to any interesting storm tracking sites, pictures, news stories, etc.

This storm has the potential to bring severe damage and disruption across much of the East Coast from Delaware to Maine in the coming days. Please be in prayer for all affected.

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Posted by The_Elves

We elves are thrilled that Kendall is posting more of his sermons and Bible teaching on the blog, and we thought it would be helpful to create an easy way for blog readers to find all those excellent resources with one click.

There is now a blog sub-category under the "By Kendall" category, called "sermons and teachings"

Here's the link so you can bookmark it: Kendall's Sermons and Teachings

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Posted by Kendall Harmon

We apologize for the troubles it is part of a transition that was necessary....

Update--The problem is now solved.

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In honor of Kendall's birthday, with help from Elizabeth Harmon, we've updated Kendall's biography.

About The. Rev. Dr. Kendall S. Harmon

Born in 1960 in Illinois and raised in central New Jersey, Kendall Harmon is a graduate of the Lawrenceville School. He experienced meeting Jesus Christ personally at age eighteen. Kendall went to Maine where he attended Bowdoin College. He was an active communicant at St Matthew’s, Lisbon Falls, and a chemistry major at Bowdoin. He graduated, Phi Beta Kappa and Summa Cum Laude, in 1982. He received seminary training at Regent College in Vancouver, British Columbia from 1982 to 1984, and Trinity Episcopal School for Ministry, from which he graduated in 1987. He met his wife, Elizabeth, a nurse at Allegheny General Hospital, during this time. From 1987 to 1990 he served as Assistant Rector of Church of the Holy Comforter, Sumter, South Carolina, where their oldest child, Abigail, was born.

The Harmons moved to Oxford, England in 1990. There, Elizabeth worked at the John Radcliffe Hospital and their two youngest children, Nathaniel and Selimah Marie, were born. In 1993 Kendall was awarded his Doctor of Philosophy from Oxford University, defending a dissertation on some twentieth-century theological explorations of the doctrine of hell.

Upon returning to South Carolina in 1993, Kendall was called to St Paul’s Episcopal Church in Summerville. The current rector, the Rev Michael Lumpkin, called him to serve as Theologian - in - Residence, a position he held from 1996-2001. His ministry during this period emphasized preaching, teaching, and writing, particularly in the area of eschatology, or the study of the last things. For example, he taught in parishes in the diocese of South Carolina on the film “Left Behind,” noting that while it raises important questions its answers are desperately wanting.

Dr Harmon’s writings have appeared in various publications within the Church, including Episcopal Life, The Living Church, The Anglican Digest, Church Times, and the Church of England Newspaper. Outside the Church his commentary has appeared in the Charleston Post and Courier, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, and the Cleveland Plain-Dealer. An edited section of his doctoral thesis, “Nothingness and Human Destiny: Hell in the Thought of C.S. Lewis,” appeared in The Pilgrim’s Guide: C.S. Lewis and the Art of Witness (Eerdmans, 1998).

Dr Harmon has served in many positions in the diocese of South Carolina, including those of member of the Standing Committee and Examining Chaplain. At the national level, he served as a deputy to the 1997, 2000, 2003 and 2006 General Conventions.

Since January 2002, Dr. Harmon has been serving as Canon Theologian of the Diocese of South Carolina and editor of the Anglican Digest , one of the largest circulation publications in the Anglican Communion. He is also assistant editor of the Jubilate Deo, the diocesan newspaper for the diocese of South Carolina, director of communications for the Diocese of South Carolina, and Assistant Rector of Christ/Saint Paul’s Yonges Island , South Carolina. Early in 2009 Kendall was appointed as the Anglican Communion Development Director in the Diocese of South Carolina. In his free time he edits the Titusonenine blog, a popular site for articles and discussion on religion, theology and culture.

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Kendall & Elizabeth at Kendall's ordination:

preaching as a seminarian at St. John's Johns Island SC

Kendall speaking at the Plano gathering, 2003:

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Posted by The_Elves

More wonderful pictures celebrating Kendall, his lovely bride Elizabeth, and their family:

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Posted by The_Elves

Kendall's daughter Selimah got together with some of her friends from her acapella group to wish Kendall Happy Birthday:

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Posted by The_Elves

As our family informant noted, Kendall can be very silly at times. Here are a few more pix from Kendall as he was growing up, with a few special shots celebrating Kendall's love of a good time, and his wonderful. infectious and well-known laugh! We've provided a few captions sent to us along with the pictures, but once again: creative caption submissions are welcome!

Kendall in elementary school:

Kendall is quite silly some times, here playing the "hysterical fan"

Kendall in high school:

He is known for his laugh - it is recognizable from a distance:

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From Kendall's son Nathaniel:

we're hoping to get a higher resolution copy of this so that the text is visible - stay tuned

Update: Here's the text

Dad, You're 50! But remember it has its benefits:

-Your supply of brain cells is finally down to manageable size

Your secrets are safe with your friends because they can't remember them either.

In a hostage situation you are likely to be released first.

See! It's not that bad!

Happy birthday - N

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Posted by The_Elves

Selimah, Kendall's youngest daughter has a lovely birthday greeting for her dad!

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Thanks to a wonderful "guest elf" within Kendall's family, who shall remain anonymous, we've got some WONDERFUL pictures of Kendall we'll be sharing throughout the day as part of Kendall's 50th Birthday Bash. Creative captions are welcome!

This is a photo Kendall's mother loved of her two boys: Randall and Kendall (Kendall
is the older on the right)

Early practice for ministry?? As our informant noted, this is Kendall playing with his brother,
but it looks like baptizing!

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Posted by The_Elves

In honor of Kendall's birthday, we've put together a quiz to test how well you know Kendall. Answers will follow later in the day, and there may be some clues posted throughout the day. We elves are open to suggestions as to what prize to award the winner!

1) Where did Kendall grow up?

2) When did Kendall meet Christ personally?

3) What college (university) did he attend? Bonus points if you know his major?

4) Where did Kendall meet his wife Elizabeth?

5) How many children do Kendall & Elizabeth have? Bonus points for names....

6) What was the topic of Kendall's PhD dissertation? Bonus points if you can tell where he earned it.

7) How many times has Kendall served as a deputy to General Convention from South Carolina?

8) How many dogs do the Harmon family currently own? Bonus points for name(s) and breed(s).

9) What are some of Kendall's favorite hobbies? [lots of room for creative answers on this one!]

10) What are Kendall's current positions in the Diocese of SC?

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Abigail, Kendall & Elizabeth's oldest daughter, sent us her birthday message to her dad to share on the blog:

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Posted by The_Elves

Kendall turns 50 today!! To mark this occasion, we elves, with the encouragement and collaboration of certain of Kendall's close family members, are hijacking the blog today, totally unbeknownst to Kendall! We have lots of fun surprises planned, so check back often throughout the day.

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Posted by The_Elves

This post is sticky - new entries follow below

Kendall turns 50 today!! To mark this occasion, we elves, with the encouragement and collaboration of certain of Kendall's close family members, are hijacking the blog today, totally unbeknownst to Kendall! We have lots of fun surprises planned, so check back often throughout the day.

We'd like to invite all TitusOneNine readers to join in the celebration of Kendall's 50th birthday today. We encourage you to share your greetings, and best wishes on this thread. Even more, we would invite readers to share their appreciation of Kendall, a remembrance of some time you met him or heard him speak, a funny story... Help us all celebrate his life and ministry today by joining in!

Note: you can also honor Kendall by contributing to the open thread Kendall prepared for today and share your own favorite birthday memories.

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Posted by Kendall Harmon

For the Easter season and a major special occasion in the family, I am taking Monday and Tuesday off from full blogging and will be back Wednesday. There will be one open thread each day--thanks--KSH.

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Posted by The_Elves

Just to let our readers know, for the sake of having a complete archive of Kendall's posts during GC09, we've worked hard to copy any posts from the blogspot backup blog here to the main blog. We have now brought over 45 entries from July 14 and July 15 which were not previously posted here. Since the posts from that day are quite significant - they include a lot of commentary on the passage of Resolution D025 - we suggest that readers take a moment to browse through the entries from both days to see what you might have missed while Kendall was only able to post at the emergency backup blog.

July 14th entries
July 15th entries

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Posted by The_Elves

Kendall and we elves are thrilled to be back online after nearly 10 days of technical problems when we were forced to use two backup sites.

Kendall will be busy catching up with dozens of entries. We elves will be busy copying entries that were posted at our backup site on blogspot (, but have not yet appeared on the main blog. All entries that were posted on the temporary version of the blog ( appear below as normal.

We welcome any questions or reports of problems. E-mail us: --the elves

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Posted by The_Elves

This elf has been slacking lately and it is only today that it dawned on me that we need a new ACNA category on the blog. So from today onwards, you will now find all stories related to the ACNA here: Anglican Church in North America (ACNA)

News stories, primary source documents and commentary specifically about this week's ACNA Assembly will be found here: ACNA Inaugural Assembly June 2009. (we have re-categorized relevant blog entries from the past week or so)

All past blog entries about the ACNA from the past 6-7 months are under this category: --Proposed Formation of a new North American Province

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Posted by The_Elves

A quick note from the elves: I'm not quite sure when he did it, but at some point in the last week or so, Greg G. solved the problem we've had for several months with links in the comments. You can now post embedded links in the comments again. Thanks Greg!

Using our blogging software, Bulletin Board code generally works better than traditional HTML anchor tags. The way to make a link is this:
1) In square brackets, type "url=" (without quotation marks) and then paste in your URL link
2) Give the link any reference or title you want
3) And then to close the tag, in square brackets type "/url" (without quotation marks)

To make a link to TitusOne Nine it would look like this:
[url=]The best blog on the internet![/url]

With the result being this: The best blog on the internet!

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Posted by The_Elves

Given all of Greg's hard work in switching the blog to a new server, it seems only fair that this lazy elf who helps with some of the tech and admin tasks here at T19 get busy and do some much much needed and long-neglected work on the T19 sidebar to update links and make finding things around the blog somewhat easier.

We plan to devote a few hours a day today - Sunday to being available to update broken links and make a few other needed changes. We welcome suggestions as to what needs fixing or improving, particularly if there's still anything that needs to be updated following the server move. Leave a comment or send us an e-mail: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

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Posted by The_Elves

Thanks to Greg for his perseverance in the face of serious unexpected database and domain forwarding issues!

It looks like T19 is pretty much back online. Though there may be some hiccups with links to individual entries or subpages that are still working through the system. Feel free to comment here or e-mail us elves if you are having problems or notice something that is not working properly.

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Posted by Greg Griffith

If you're reading this, you're seeing T19 on our new server.

Took about an hour longer than I had anticipated, but all in all things went pretty smoothly. Thanks to everyone for their patience.

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Posted by The_Elves

As many of our readers know, TitusOneNine shares server space with StandFirm. Greg Griffith has done an incredible job in ensuring the uptime and reliability of both blogs. As part of his commitment to managing for growth, Greg has planned to migrate Stand Firm and T19 to a new server this weekend. You can read all the details over at Stand Firm. The main things our readers need to know are:

What this means for the Stand Firm and TitusOneNine communities... is that I anticipate we'll probably spend the better part of a day offline, beginning some time between Friday evening and Saturday evening. User commentary is the pulse of these two communities, and because the server change will not occur for all users at the exact same time, at the beginning of the move we're going to shut off comments here at the current server in order to ensure that none of the conversation is lost.

Please note that there is nothing you can do to hasten the transition on your computer. It is a function of a vast network of "domain name servers" distributed all over the world, some of which receive and implement the switchover instructions earlier or later than others, and sometimes the difference can be several hours or even a day or more.
Read more

We'll keep you updated with any further details as we get them from Greg. Thanks for your understanding in advance.

--elfgirl for all of the elves. (We'll try to assist in any way we can though we're not directly involved in anything to do with the server move.)

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Posted by The_Elves

Just a note to let readers know that due to travel of one elf and the combination of work pressures and serious "technical difficulties" of a second, our elfing capacity is seriously limited this week (and in fact has been stretched way too thin for 4 or 5 weeks). It looks like I (elf girl) may be restored to normal high speed internet access within 2 - 3 days and so I hope to be able to resume more normal "elfing" then. In the meantime:

1. We please ask our commenters to be particularly careful of what you write. Perhaps a policy of "self-elfing" could be practiced? wink
2. If you have story ideas, please send them directly to Kendall (his e-mail is linked on the sidebar under the "About the Blog" section).
3. Please be patient with any requests for administrative / technical help or research assistance. It's honestly likely that I won't get to look at those for another 2 days, and there is already a big backlog.

Thanks very much for your patience and understanding.

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Posted by The_Elves

As we're sure many of our readers have noticed, we've had some issues with the timestamps of posts and comments being incorrect over the past week both here at TitusOneNine as have our friends and colleagues at StandFirm, with whom we share a server. Some comment threads have gotten quite confusing because the comment numbers and sequence have been unstable, with "replies" sometimes winding up above the comment which prompted the reply!

While our fearless tech leader is working on finding the cause and solution, we suggest you read this comment which I left on a thread earlier today. It offers suggestions on how to help minimize confusion in the comment threads should the sequence get jumbled (i.e. how to link to the comment to which you are replying).

Also, it gives you the link to the place in your account page where you can verify that your timezone and daylight savings time setting (if applicable) are correct.

Hope this is helpful. If questions persist, feel free to e-mail us at:


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Posted by The_Elves

Greetings T19 commenters,

Over the weekend we have had two threads which were rendered extremely difficult to read in some browsers by the posting of long links that overflowed the boundary of the comment box and caused subsequent comments to also runover into the sidebar. Unfortunately this elf who normally handles most of these types of tech problems was offline from Thursday afternoon - midday Sunday.

A couple of suggestions/requests:
1) Please avoid pasting long links in the comments. Learn how to use sites like, or how to make a link using the bulletin board code (a kind of simplified HTML code) specified in the "help" section of the comment box. If you need help, feel free to e-mail the elves and we'll be glad to assist.

2) If you notice a thread where there is an overflow comment that is messing up the formatting, please send a heads up to the elves e-mail box:

Often, even if we don't have time to read the threads, we do check the e-mail. That way any of us elves or Kendall can fix the offending comment and the blog formatting will be restored.



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Posted by The_Elves

Good morning all.
Because we were offline most of yesterday from mid-morning onwards, when we logged in this morning, we had quite a full inbox and many of those queries concerned Anglican Mainstream and the problematic link Kendall posted yesterday to "CoE, Who's In, Who's Out?"

It is our understanding that Anglican Mainstream is in the middle of a site transfer, so the website access problems you are having are not due to hacking.
We'll keep you posted as to when they are back online and any new bookmarks that might be needed.

In the meantime, via Google's Cache, we were able to pull up the article Kendall had posted that was no longer available via the link he included. You can find it in the comments below:


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Posted by The_Elves

We've unstickied the long San Joaquin discussion thread. You can find it here.

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Posted by The_Elves

It occurs to us in the busyness of life the past few weeks, we elves have been seriously remiss in not posting the links to the alternate (backup blogs -- perhaps soon to be permanent blogs) of many of the Anglican sites hosted by Classical Anglican Net which suffered serious hacking about 2 weeks ago, and which is still offline as a result.

Mike Daley of CaNNet is still working to restore the blog databases and partitions, and hopes to have the blogs backup as soon as possible, perhaps within a few days. But in the meantime, please note these links. Our apologies for the delay in posting these!

Brad Drell:

Confessing Reader:

Lent & Beyond:

Rather Not Blog:

Surrounded (Diocese of San Joaquin):

As for the archives of the old Titusonenine site, most posts can be accessed either by using the Google Cache feature, or by using an internet archive site like "The Wayback Machine." Feel free to e-mail the elves if you need help finding something or accessing something on the old blog.

And please keep Mike Daley in prayer as he works to restore the CaNNet blogs. Even if all or most of the blogs make the switch to new sites, having access to their archives is important. Thanks.

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Posted by The_Elves

It wasn't until clicking the links on a posting at Stand Firm earlier today that we discovered that the Diocese of Michigan has posted an editorial about TitusOneNine's post of a picture from the Diocese of Michigan's convention.

Here's what the Diocese of Michigan wrote:

There was a spate of criticism—unfounded, I found—from a corner of the conservative blogosphere about a snapshot of our diocesan convention that showed the placard of the eight MDGs behind the altar during the Eucharist. If you must investigate further, you’ll might find the discussion HERE. If the blog thread is removed, better judgment may have slipped in upon them before this commentary did.

The bloggers misinterpreted our intention—as gently suggested online by a priest in our diocese—thinking we had replaced the crucifix with the MDGs. The rambling comment section devolves to less-than-insightful rants on Karl Marx and the United Nations. But the kernel of concern is worth reflecting upon.

The millennium development goals are not canon; they are invitations into deeper relationships, deeper understanding. In order to embrace the mdgs—or rather be embraced by them—we must prepare ourselves not to march triumphantly but to walk humbly. We must truly empty ourselves of those things that lead us to feel haughty. Like a Pharisee. With a blog.

Even though the author, presumably Diocesan Communications Director Herb Gunn, criticizes TitusOneNine in that piece, I don't believe he contacted us or left a comment about his concerns, so this is the first we'd heard from the Diocese of Michigan. (It is possible of course that Mr. Gunn contacted Kendall without my knowing.) As I made clear in the post in question, as one who tries to help Kendall cover the diocesan convention news, I (elfgirl) was responsible for the post, not Kendall. So let me offer a few comments in response.

First, Mr. Gunn confuses "bloggers" and "commenters." He accuses the "bloggers" (that in this case would be me, elfgirl) of saying or intending something we never said or intended. In fact we explicitly stated our intentions several times on the thread itself, and provided many supporting links to further the discussion along the lines of what we had intended.

Secondly, I never claimed the MDG banner was a deliberate replacement for the cross. I made no comment about the intent of the Diocese of Michigan. I merely noted that I found the photo "irresistible" as a striking visual image. In fact, I acknowledged previous comments that the juxtaposition and symbolism was probably unintentional.

We (I) always acknowledged the fact that the actual intent was probably not to have the MDG banner as a reredos, but that the unintended juxtaposition, and the Diocese of Michigan's prominent photo on their convention coverage page, symbolized a larger issue. Unfortunately Mr. Gunn didn't take the time to respond to any of the substantive concerns (about the mission priorities of TEC, not the Diocese of Michigan's convention, per se) raised in the comment thread. Instead he pretty much dismisses the whole entry and caps off his editorial with an insult. The talking past one another continues.


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Posted by The_Elves

Hi all. As we noted in the comments on one of the threads below, we were having trouble accessing the Living Church's website earlier today. We've since learned via e-mail that those problems were due to a site upgrade. We've just now been able to get into the new site and it looks terrific.

Here's the news page link:

Here's a section for online exclusive features:

We're still having trouble accessing the TLC home page:, which is taking us to the TLC's hosting company instead. It may just take awhile for the site upgrade to "propagate" throughout the web, or we might need to clear out our browser cache.

Be sure to update your bookmarks for the new site. (The news page link is new, for instance). It looks terrific! Congrats and thanks to the TLC team.

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Posted by The_Elves

We seem to be having an increasingly frequent problem with folks pasting in URLs that are too long for the width of the comment box, which then blows out the margins and makes text overflow into the sidebar.

Thus, we'd like to request please don't paste long-links in the comments. If your link is long, use anchor codes to make a link. If you don't know how to do that, go to and your long link will be transformed into a very short one you can copy and paste into your comment. Thanks!

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Posted by The_Elves

As will be evident in this morning's entries (see the next 3 posts below), we're catching up on posting a batch of additional bishops' responses to the New Orleans' statement. Some of these statements are fairly new, some have been mouldering in our inbox for awhile. T19 and / or Stand Firm have now posted either excerpts or the full text to 40 bishops / dioceses' statements.

Note: BabyBlue has posted a list of statements we compiled last night. These are all the statements we've seen so far. (A total of 40 dioceses). So you can easily see what we're missing!

If your bishop has made a statement and it's not yet been posted, please e-mail us the text or the link:

Thanks to all who are sending in such helpful links. Keep 'em coming.

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Posted by Kendall Harmon

The great value of Titus One Nine to all of us, including this slightly to the left of center Episcopalian, has been the inclusion of all the "news fit to print" (and leaving out some which isn't) regarding the current challenges in the Episcopal Church. You have had the good grace to allow your readers to interpret that information as their intellect determined, until recently. In the days before the HOB meeting and subsequent to it there has been an increasing tendency to parenthetically comment on or reinterpret the input from various sources with whom you are not in explicit agreement. My belief is that this diminishes, not adds to, the value of the information. Many of your sources are unquestionably intellectually capable of making an interpretation of the current situation and the product of their efforts is their interpretation. Adding your editorial comment that they are in error in that interpretation is not terribly helpful as i t does not change their interpretation and they do have a right to that interpretation. It is no more right or wrong, inherently, than your own. So my advice is to go back to reporting the information and quit kibitzing.

But it is your blog and you are doing us all a considerable service by maintaining it, so thanks for that.

I would genuinely appreciate blog readers feedback on this, thanks--KSH.

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Posted by The_Elves

The servers are slowing down due to traffic. If you just want to check to see what's posted and what is drawing comment, PLEASE try using the "mobile" view -- headlines and comment totals:

Oh: and it's probably a good idea to save your comment before hitting submit.

Update: we've reduced the number of entries displayed on the main page to 20. Just for today.

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Posted by The_Elves

All we've had several reports that the T19 RSS feed is not working. It is working fine for this elf who reads the RSS feed in Bloglines. If you are having problems, please let us know what link you are using for your subscription, and what feed reader /aggregator you are using. Thanks.

This link is working fine for the elves in bloglines:
And this link is working fine for the Anglican News feed:

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Posted by The_Elves

Ok, all of you T19 fans out there HAD to know this was coming!! grin We're a bit slow on the draw, but yes, we've now created a blog category for the Sept07 HoB meeting. Here's the link.

So with one click now you can get all the latest news from New Orleans.

Don't forget, we also have an Anglican / Episcopal RSS feed.

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Posted by The_Elves

Should page loading be slow for some readers given the heavy site traffic, try this:

To see the headlines at a glance, and the number of comments per post, go here:

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Posted by The_Elves

To speed up page-loading and lighten the load on the servers in face of the extremely heavy blog traffic expected on T19 and Stand Firm for the next week or so, we've reduced the number of entries that now display on the main page. Instead of 50 entries, we've cut it in half to 25 entries per page.

You can still get to all the previous entries by following the link at the bottom of this page to view subsequent pages, or use the calendar at right to see all the entries from a given date.

We expect many visitors in these days. Should anyone be having registration problems, or need other technical assistance, please don't hesitate to contact us at T19elves [at]

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Posted by The_Elves

Regular readers of the Anglican blogosphere, be they fans of blogs such as T19, Stand Firm, Drell, and BabyBlue on one "side" or EpiScope, Episcopal Cafe, Fr. Jake, and Susan Russell on the other "side," know things are buzzing right now. We're gearing up for the September TEC HoB meetings in New Orleans later this week (Sept 20-25), the Common Cause Bishops' Council in Pittsburgh immediately following, and the September 30 Dar es Salaam deadline. In some quarters, reports, responses, articles and pastoral letters are flying so fast and thick that it's dizzying and pretty much impossible to "read it all," no matter how often Kendall exhorts us to do just that!

But the buzz and news overload that those of us who follow the blogs are experiencing right now may be surprisingly limited in scope.

Your humble elf had more time for web browsing yesterday than any day in the last 2 months or so. It seemed like a good time to go on one of our periodic diocesan "news trawls." What is being said in the various dioceses that we don't hear from so often or read about much on the blogs? What responses have there been to the proposed covenant? What are bishops writing their flocks about the upcoming HoB meeting? etc. I knew from previous forays into diocesan website land that the results would be patchy. Some dioceses excel in timely communication, but many fail on that score. I expected that in a good number of dioceses the whole "Anglican crisis" and Dar deadline is being downplayed. But even I, an experienced denizen of diocesan websites, was surprised by what I found.

In the 4 hours I had free, I was able to visit the diocesan websites of 31 TEC dioceses. I focused on dioceses which I knew, from past experience, tended to have informative and relatively up-to-date websites. I purposely avoided some of the Network dioceses where there's been recent news and statements (such as Central FL, Fort Worth, San Joaquin, Pittsburgh, Quincy, etc.) We already know these dioceses are engaged in the current crisis. I tried to hit some of the biggest and most influential dioceses (Texas, Atlanta, New York...) and also many Camp Allen or reasonably moderate dioceses, as well as to get a good geographic mixture.

Here's a list of the diocesan sites I visited and what I found. A diocese received a "NO" if I could find nothing new about the TEC/Anglican situation since the March HoB meeting. (Legend: **Network diocese, *Camp Allen bishop)

Alabama - NO
** Albany - NO
Arizona - NO
Arkansas - NO
Atlanta - NO
California - NO
Colorado - NO
Connecticut - NO
** Dallas - YES -- a good selection of background links and resources, though most not very recent, nothing specific on the upcoming HoB meeting
East Carolina - NO
East Tennessee - YES -- a nice and quite current "Windsor Process" page
Florida - NO
Lexington - NOPE, surprising given +Sauls lead role in many recent reports, etc.
Los Angeles - Nothing since April
Massachusetts - NO
Mississippi -- YES. Pastoral letter from +Duncan Gray.
Newark - No
New York - Yes. Bishop's letter July / August (see p. 3), special 8 page insert in Dio. Newsletter
North Carolina - YES Big feature on "Communion Matters" meetings throughout the diocese on the homepage
* North Dakota - not really. A passing mention in Dio. Newsletter "pray for Sept HoB meeting"
* Northern Indiana - No (Bp. Little is on sabbatical, but will be attending HoB mtg)
Ohio - No
Rio Grande - YES Pastoral letter from +Steenson
SE Florida - Partial: Response by Executive board to Anglican Convenant (unclear if laity and parishes are engaged, however)
* SW Florida - Nothing new since May (surprising. SW FL is usually VERY current on news and info)
** Springfield - No
* Tennessee - No
* Texas - No
Upper SC - No
Virginia - NO
* West Texas - YES. Sept 2007 Audio message to diocese from Bp. Lillibridge

So, totalling up the YES column and the NO column:

Only 7 of 31 (or 8, if one counts SE Florida, which is somewhat borderline...) had anything substantive and current on the ECUSA/Anglican crisis. That's 25%. So of the nearly 1/3 of the ECUSA domestic dioceses surveyed (and I chose those which I know to have generally informative and regularly updated websites) it would appear that 75% of these dioceses are not getting out current info on the Anglican crisis. This includes Network dioceses (Albany and Springfield), and Windsor Dioceses (Northern Indiana, Texas, Tennessee, and SW Florida), as well as more reappraising dioceses. Big dioceses with lots of resources, and small dioceses. I have absolutely no reason to think that the dioceses I didn't survey are any better.

The lesson to draw from this: If you care about these issues and the decisions that lie ahead, share the news you read on this blog and others with your fellow parishoners, or friends in other dioceses, etc. Don't assume that the dioceses or other structures are getting the news out. There are many in TEC parishes who have no idea that there is a House of Bishops' meeting this week. If you care, share a few links and invite them to pray and get involved!


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Posted by The_Elves

The Rev'd Dr. Leander Harding has moved his blog. Here is the new address:

Please update your bookmarks! We've updated the link on the T19 sidebar.

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Posted by The_Elves

Update (Friday evening):

1. As to the problem of text disappearing to the left after a blockquote when viewing the "recent comments" page using Internet Explorer, I think this problem is now solved. Please report any continuing problems you find, if any, being sure to note what web browser you are using.

2. I thought I had solved the right overflow problem (i.e. when there's a very long link in the comment, which messes up the right margin). But my "fix" to hide the overflow, just created new problems. I've gone back to the original settings, which means if there is a long link, it will still cause the comment text to overlap the right menu bar.

The EASIEST "fix" is for commenters to avoid posting long links. If you've got a long link, please either use or learn how to format your link so that instead of pasting a long url http://www.abcdefghijkl.... etc., it will instead point to the link like: alphabet

Hi all.
We've not bombarded you all with too much admin stuff of late after a month or more of lots of admin messages when the new blog was launched in late May.

A few housekeeping details.

1. First the request: In general, if you're contacting us with a story idea or a technical question or problem, PLEASE e-mail us rather than using the "Private Message" feature to contact us. Our address, as always:

We welcome private messages on other topics, but e-mail works best if/when we want to forward something to Kendall or our other elf helpers. Thanks.

2. A question: It's been awhile since we've raised the question of any bugs that need fixing or any features you'd like to see. Or opened the floor for questions and problems. What's on your mind? How can we help? A few folks have been e-mailing us about unwanted e-mail from T19/Stand Firm. We can help with that. We are also always available to help tackle registration / login problems. Let us know in the comments or by e-mail how we can help.

3. Finally: we hope within a week to make some progress again on adding more links, Anglican and non-Anglican to the sidebar. Kendall's travels which left us in charge fro two weeks in July, and our own overwhelming workload of late have meant that any blog formatting changes or adding features or links had to be put on hold. But we'd like to get back to that as soon as we can. We've saved all the links readers have already sent in as suggestions. But we always welcome other suggestions!

Feel free to use this as an open thread to give us your gripes, your questions, your suggestions.... Especially for newer readers / members who may not have had a chance to weigh in on these questions in May, we'd love to hear from you.

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Posted by The_Elves

Greg G. has let us know he is working on the problems with Stand Firm and the fatal error messages people are getting when trying to view any article there.
We'll post info here as we get it.

And of course, we have offered to post any articles from Stand Firm over here on T19 should the problems at SF persist.

Greg G. has posted this update over on SF.

Greg Griffith
Update on Technical Problems

The error everyone has been seeing on comment threads is due to a bug in our blog software's comment retrieval code that is seen whenever it tries to query a database with an exceedingly large number of comments. We have almost 90,000.

Upgrading a blog system, on the road, during a major event, is a recipe for nightmares, so it may not happen until I return to Jackson, where I can at least have my nightmares in my own bed. So for today, in order to bring you news, we're just going to have to go without comments. I apologize for the inconvenience.

Update: 10:20 Eastern

We can probably offer an Open Thread for comments on the Network Council live feed here on T19. I'll touch base with Greg & Kendall and will post an update shortly.

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Posted by Karen B.

Over at Stand Firm, Greg Griffith has posted a brief update about a denial of service attack that affected the shared TitusOneNine / Stand Firm server early this morning. You can read the details, and should you be able and eager to do so, find information about how to contribute towards the combined server hosting costs here.

Note, that comment thread also contains info re: a backup site for Christopher Johnson's Midwest Conservative journal whose site also went down at a similar time, but appears to have been more severely affected. Hmmmm.....

This elf is very thankful for Greg's excellent blog admin support and especially for all his work in setting up a server with load balancing capacity that has been able to handle even the most outrageously busy news days in the Anglican blog world. Thanks Greg!

Now this elf will be "bossy" again! Go let Greg know how much you appreciate his hard work...! And please give if you can.


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Posted by The_Elves

For those who might be looking for a few chuckles and a light way to wind down an evening of reading the blogs.

Or those wanting to match wits with elfgirl and commenters like Sarah, Karen B., Irenaeus and others.

We present for your reading pleasure "Dueling Haikus and other bad poetry" (See comments 13 and following)

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Posted by The_Elves

This elf is getting bossy! The power of guest blogging for Kendall the past 10 days is going to her head. wink She has a command for all our readers: "DO NOT PASS GO! DO NOT COLLECT $200!" (for our non-American readers, this is an American slang reference from the game Monopoly)

GO DIRECTLY instead to the Article by Apb. Henry Luke Orombi, Primate of Uganda on "What is Anglicanism?" if you have not yet read it. It is must reading! Please don't miss it.

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Posted by The_Elves

We've posted at least once, maybe twice before on the issue of HTML code and formatting in the comments. For whatever reason, HTML doesn't work well in the comments here. Don't know why or whether Greg G. will be able to fix it.

However, thanks to a very clever commenter, we've learned that what DOES work just fine is what's known as "Bulletin Board" code. In a week now, Bulletin Board code has worked perfectly for me every time I've tried it. Even with complex urls which contain spaces or "arguments" (like search queries).

For most formatting (bold, italics, underline, blockquote), Bulletin Board code is just like HTML except you use square brackets instead of angle brackets.

For links, however, the code is different. Here's how Bulletin Board code works for links. It's actually easier than HTML:

[url= the link ] the name [/url]

thus for a link to T19 it looks like this:

You can read more here.

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Posted by The_Elves

For those who may have been offline yesterday, here are recommendations to three posts from yesterday:

Ruth Gledhill's interview with Abp. Peter Akinola
Living Church Op-Ed: Confessions of an Episcopal Fundamentalist
4th of July Open Thread (it's not too late to contribute your own reflections!)

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Posted by The_Elves

Just a heads up. This elf expects to be offline pretty much all day tomorrow, July 4th. Kendall has got at least one entry pre-posted. And we elves plan to post an Open Thread, and maybe one or two other entries. But that is likely to be it.

We're committed to doing all we can to keep the blog lively and to cover important news while Kendall is travelling. But due to work constraints, etc. some days we'll be more available than others. Thanks for understanding.

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Posted by The_Elves

Many of us in the Anglican blogosphere have been saddened this week to learn that our friend and one-time fellow Anglican blogger (now a Roman Catholic) Fr. Al Kimel is giving up blogging for personal reasons. Pontifications has been one of the best theological blogs on the web, applauded by Catholics, Anglicans, Orthodox, with a very large and loyal readership.

It was near the top of the non-Anglican links list we've compiled, but haven't yet had a chance to format and post on our side-bar here.

We first read the news on Orthodox priest Fr. Stephen Freeman's blog, Glory to God for All Things, which Fr. Al introduced many of us to. Todd Granger, Brad Drell and Sarah Hey of Stand Firm all picked up the news and added their comments.

Just this morning, I read Ralph Webb's comments on his blog, Anglican Action.

Namarie indeed, Father Kimel. But as you say goodbye, do know that your faithful service to our Lord and your work to renew the Episcopal Church has not been in vain. You have inspired people who you do not know and who have never met you to stay faithful to our Lord and Savior. We remember your work on the Baltimore Declaration. In your departure from TEC, our loss was Rome's gain. We thank you for providing us with, for a few years, one of the most spiritually sound, astute, and challenging blogs out there. And if our Lord ever leads you to take up blogging again, many of us will be grateful.

May our Lord grant the healing that you need, for "the hands of a healer are the hands of a king" (Tolkien again, rough paraphrase from memory).

This elf says "Amen!" to all of what my fellow bloggers have written so eloquently, and adds my profound thanks to Fr. Al for Pontifications and all he contributed to TitusOneNine as well in many comment threads. And it is worth noting that Fr. Al's essay "The Grand Question" holds the records for most comments ever on TitusOneNine, with a staggering 561 comments!

May the Lord bless you and your family Fr. Al and grant you His peace.


Note: at least for the moment, it seems impossible to access Fr. Al's original blog (which was hosted by CaNNet), thus the original post of "the Grand Question" which Kendall excerpted and linked on Titusonenine, is not accessible online. Fortunately, Fr. Al seems to have preserved that entry on his page of entries on the theme of Justification on his new blog:
Look for entry # XXXIV which begins:


The justification of sinners—this is “the grand question,” declared Richard Hooker, “which hangeth yet in controversy between us and the Church of Rome.” Hooker notes that Anglicans and Catholics agree on many points about justification. They agree that all human beings are sinners and need to be reconciled to God. They agree that God alone is the efficient cause of justification: the justification of sinners is the work of the Holy Trinity. They agree that no one attains justification but by the merits of Christ Jesus: we are justified by grace alone for the sake of Christ, on the basis of his saving death on the cross.

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Posted by The_Elves

Here are the answers to the T19 trivia quiz we posted this morning about the blog stats for the first month (and a few days) since we launched the new blog on May 22.

New blog: During the first 36 days

--648 entries. (about 18 per day)
--7400 comments (about 11 per post, or 205 per day)

The old CaNNet version of the blog first 36 days: (Jan / Feb 2004 -- note this was the second edition of Titusonenine. Kendall began blogging in March 2003 on Blogspot)

-- 328 posts (9 per day)
-- 2108 comments (6 per post, or 58 per day)

So, the new blog stats are about double that of the old CaNNet version of the blog at its launch.

Old blog: most comments in first month =76
Ann Van Dervoort: ALL WILL BE WELL after General Convention

New blog: most comments in first month = 138
A Seattle Episcopal Priest says: "I am both Muslim and Christian"

And there you have it. It's good to see the new blog off to a good start. Thanks to all who have helped to get it running (esp. Greg), and offered feedback and encouragement, and to all who participate in the discussions here.

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Posted by The_Elves

A little quiz for our resident data geeks.

Anyone want to take a guess at the blog stats for the new blog since it began on May 22? (36 days)

How many blog entries?
How many comments?

And for extra credit: how does this compare with the debut of the old blog in Jan 2004?

We'll post the answers sometime Wed. evening.
We figured a little navel-gazing and number crunching might be relaxing after a very event-filled week or two in the Anglican blogosphere wink

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Posted by The_Elves

Just realized there's a tech update we've been meaning to post for a few days, but have kept forgetting about.

We THINK that we've figured out a way to solve the problems with HTML code (bold, italics, blockquote formatting) not working consistently in the comments.

instead of the normal angle brackets < >

Thus, the code for bold text would be as follows:

[b] text you want in bold [/b]

We'll keep any eye on how this works. Hopefully it will solve the bizarre problem. Feel free to send us links if comments continue to have HTML problems.

It seems that while the square brackets work more consistently for formatting (bold, italic, blockquote, and strikethrough...), the angle brackets work best for LINKS (anchors) when posting a URL.

(Note that the software does automatically format URLs for you. So if your link is short, you can just enter in the address in your comment, e.g. . I simply pasted in the address there without any code. The software did the formatting.)

However for long links, we prefer if you would add the anchor link coding. Here's what that looks like:
<a href="http://www....">name of the link</a>
Note: the quotation marks around the URL address are essential. Without them the code does not work.

Feel free to use this comment thread for tests. And do keep us posted as to any further examples of problems with HTML in the comments.



This elf thinks she might go insane. Angle brackets seem to work "ok" for short links. But if you've got a longer more complex links with spaces or "arguments" (i.e. like a search result for a Bible passage or something), they don't work.

One of our fabulous commenters, Patti, discovered the SOLUTION, which she explains below in the comments. Use what's known as "Bulletin Board" code.

here's how Bulletin Board code works for links. It's actually easier than HTML.

[url= the link ] the name [/url]

thus for T19 it looks like this:

We'll update the comment format help section when we get a chance to reflect this new information.

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Posted by The_Elves

We usually try to post this weekly feature on Monday's but didn't have any time available to do so yesterday. Here are the most-commented-upon blog entries for the week June 18-24. Comment totals as of 06:30 EDT Tuesday, June 26.

Neal Michell: What the Kenyan Initiative Means (92)
Follow-up to Seattle story (Muslim ECUSA priest) -- Updated (87)
More from Cherie Wetzel on Executive Council (77)
Wall Street Journal: Christopher Hitchens Book Debunking The Deity Is A Surprise Hit (51)
Second Lawsuit Filed Against St. John's Anglican Church by Diocese of San Diego (48)
From IRD: The Episcopal Church's Second Strike (47)
Breaking: Extremely Narrow DEFEAT for local option of SSBs at Canadian General Synod (46)
Britain's Brown Vows to Learn From Iraq (46)
The Case For and Against the of Blessing Homosexual Unions in the Anglican Church of Canada (45)
7 in 10 Americans Say Economy Is 'Getting Worse' (44)

And for those keeping track, if we based this list on total number of comments received in a week, instead of limiting it to entries posted in a given week, the Seattle Times story on the Rev. Ann Redding would have made the list for a second week, as it received approximately 64 comments after we listed it as our top ten "winner" last week. It is now the new T19 overall leader with a total of 138 comments.

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Posted by The_Elves

Update: Jun 21, 05:00 EDT -- Stand Firm's newest entry on this is MUST reading, and puts the story in its larger context. Don't miss it: Under the Radar...and Over the Cliff
The news from Seattle about the Rev. Ann Redding, an ECUSA priest in the diocese of Olympia who claims to be both a Christian and a Muslim, is generating a ton of interest around the blogosphere. (We'll post some of those links here in a little while.)

It's also generating a lot of comments. As of now, there are 128 comments on the Seattle Times' story thread, meaning it's in a tie for first-place among all T19 comment threads on the new blog.

Also of particular interest, we think, is that the story is generating NEGATIVE attention among some of our reappraising friends and bloggers. The AAC blog, for instance, is reporting that Jim Naughton, the communications director for the Diocese of Washington, and an influential reappraising blogger, is trying to encourage all other Episcopal "Communicators" (i.e. diocesan communications directors) to ignore and not publicize the story. Mind boggling.

We'll pull together a round-up of links to this story from around the blogosphere shortly and add it to this post as an update.

UPDATE: Roundup of links we've seen (only a partial list, I'm sure) is below.

Original Story from Diocese of Olympia's "Episcopal Voice"

Original Titusonenine comment thread on the Diocese of Olympia article

Original Stand Firm comment thread on Dio Olympia article

Albert Mohler's blog: Clueless in Seattle -- Can You Be Both a Christian and a Muslim?

Seattle Times: Q&A (Redding answers reader questions)

Seattle Times: Reader Feedback on Story

WorldNet Daily

Get Religion: She’s a dessert topping and a floor wax

Magpie Girl: Early Adaptor

Gospel Prism: Jesus Is the Only Way, but Allah Can Come Along Too

OK Preacher: Thumbs Down: Rev Ann Holmes Redding

David Fischler's 3 part series at Reformed Pastor: Apostasy in the Great Northwest

From the Answering Muslims blog: Can a person be both a Christian and a Muslim?

From Ad Orientum: Apostasy... Not an Issue

Three entries from Chris Johnson at MCJ:

Whitehall: "I am both Christian and Muslim"

IRD June 20 Press Release: Inclusion Run Amok: A Muslim/Episcopal Priest

Bishop Epting: Christian “and” Muslim?

Anglican Centrist (Fr Another One of those Crazy Episcopalians

Tobias Haller: Of Doubts and Discipline

Stand To Reason: Religion as Ice Cream

The Point (Breakpoint's blog): The Priest Said to the Imam

Rod Dreher (Cruncy Cons): What Would we Do without TEC

The Corner (Mark Steyn): Interfaith Outreach (and Steyn was linked by Instapundit)

On the Verge: Episcopal Priest Defies Logic! (was posted at Stand Firm here)

Mark Shea (Catholic & Enjoying It): This Being Seattle...

Riddleblog: Worse than Caricature

The Reformed Evangelist: Koran-quoting "Christians"

Update 2:
A technorati search will bring up at least a dozen (or two... or three dozen) more references. Here are one or two that looked particularly noteworthy:

Christianity and Islam Merge in a Postmodern World

Pursuing Truth: "Muslim & Christian" Reverend: Jesus Is Not God

Spiritual Confusion

Balaam's Ass: Both Christian & Muslim

Anyway, all of the links above suggest that Jim Naughton's plan to hide the story isn't going to work. It really is ALL over the blogosphere.

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Posted by The_Elves

To avoid cluttering the sidebar, we've decided not to display recent comments there. Instead, we've created a page where you can view the most recent comments to keep up with which articles are generating discussion. Here's the link:

Although there is no search feature (yet? maybe we can add one, eventually) on this page, for the meantime, you can use the "find on this page" feature of your browser (look under the Edit menu in Internet Explorer or Firefox) and thus find comments containing certain text, or comments by a certain user.

We're really pleased with how this has turned out. Let us know how it works for you all and any suggestions for making it even more useful. We will see if we can add search capacity within a few days. We're also wondering if we might be able to add a calendar feature to facilitate displaying all comments for a given date. We would be glad to have you all brainstorm with us and suggest ideas. Some of the best features we've been able to design so far have been the direct result of reader requests and ideas.

P.S. Don't forget, you can also use the Advanced Search feature to see which blog entries have the most recent comments.

As an example:
1. enter "the" (without the quotes) in the keyword section
2. choose search in "Titles, Entries, and Comments"
3. Select TitusOneNine in the weblog box
4. On the right in the "Sort Results By" box, select Most Recent Comments

(You could also specify a date range if you liked, or a specific category, such as Anglican - Episcopal)

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Posted by The_Elves

We continue to have AOL users who are unable to register successfully. If you're one of them, don't hesitate to contact us. We can register any AOL user who is having difficulty. Our address:

When you write us, asking us to register you, please include the following information:

User Name (what you will use to log in, it will not be seen by others)
Screen Name (how you want your name to appear publicly when you comment)

We're glad to help. Just give us a shout!

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Posted by The_Elves

It seemed obvious all week that the most hotly discussed blog entries would be related to the Executive Council meeting and last week's news about the Anglican Church of Kenya's announcement that Canon Bill Atwood will be consecrated as a missionary bishop for North America. However, a late entry posted yesterday afternoon just barely eclipsed those entries to emerge as the past week's comment leader.

Here are the stories from June 11-17 with the most comments as of 14:00 EDT / 18:00 GMT today, June 18. It was definitely an interesting week in the Anglican blogosphere.

1. A Seattle Episcopal Priest says: "I am both Muslim and Christian" (74)
2. Nigerian Gay Rights Advocate Addresses Executive Council (72)
3. Network welcomes Kenya’s decision to care for U.S. Anglicans (58)
4. Two More Articles on the recently concluded Executive Council Meeting in New Jersey (50)
5. Statement from the Most Rev. Henry Luke Orombi (47)
6. From AP: Episcopal panel rejects Anglican demand (46)
7. Homosexuality & the Church: Two Views from Eve Tushnet and Luke Timothy Johnson (41)
8. Carolyn J Sharp Responds to the Proposed Anglican Draft Covenant (39)
9. Executive Council Rejects Primates’ Pastoral Plan; Insists on Diocesan Accession Clause (39)
10. Newark Diocese Addresses Executive Council, Moves Forward on Same-Sex Blessing (34)

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Posted by The_Elves

For those of you who have mentioned that when you first get on the T19 homepage it is not correctly displaying whether you are currently logged in, thanks to Greg G., we figured out the problem. Make sure you are using this bookmark for TitusOneNine: (i.e. with the full www and also the /t19).

At one point we were publicizing the link as That link works and will get you to the site, but the above link is better and will enable the blog to properly display your login status whenever you visit the blog.

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Posted by The_Elves

We've added a handful of new Anglican links added to sidebar. We'll add non-Anglican links in a few days. Feel free to keep recommendations coming. A list of the new links added follows below.

We've added the following links to the Anglican Blog section of the sidebar. Note that we've made a separate section for international Anglican bloggers and that at least for now, we are not categorizing those bloggers as reasserters or reappraisers.

US: Reasserters


All Too Common:

Northwest Anglican

Quo Vadis

US: Reappraisers

Fr. Gawain ("John Wilkins")

And to the list of overseas Anglican blogs:

Anglicans All, from New Zealand:

Anselmic's place (a T19 reader and Anglican vicar in the Philippines)

David Ould (didn't realize he still had a blog. Glad he wrote us)

Dave Walker (Cartoon Church)

Do let us know of Anglican blogs we've missed. Kendall makes the final call on these and there are some blogs he is choosing not to promote. But we'd love to know about blogs we may have overlooked. So, if there is a blog you read which you don't see, please let us know.

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Posted by The_Elves

We've set up an RSS Feed for all blog entries classified under the Anglican / Episcopal category. Here's the link you can use to subscribe:

We can set up other category-specific RSS feeds (or Atom feeds). Let us know if there's interest.

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Posted by The_Elves

Two new ways to view the blog, especially for those using mobile phones or hand-held devices.

Headlines only:
Print-Friendly text:

Here are two other possibilities for viewing T19:

A "Mobile" Template for those who want to see the latest headlines (with links to full stories) and comment totals at a glance with no text or sidebar.

And the Print-Friendly view we linked yesterday. (Note this link is now in the sidebar under Blog Tips & Info). The text of the entries from the main page without the sidebar.

The mobile template especially still may be rough. Comments and critiques welcome.

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Posted by The_Elves

The posts from June 4 - June 10 which received the most comments.
Comment totals are as of June 11, 13:30 EDT / 17:30 GMT

Bishop Sergio Carranza: The Soul of Anglicanism (69)
Bishop Richard Randerson Profiled: A devil for the detail (55)
3 Democratic candidates talk of their faith (54)
Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori speaks to Bill Moyers (52)
They Really Saw Him: A look at Richard Bauckham's Most Recent New Testament Work (47)
Bishop Jack Iker on the March Meeting of the American House of Bishops (45)
Did you Know? (43)
The religious left lifts its voice in campaign 2008 (41)
Today's Question from the Elves (38)
Today's Quiz (38)

Hey, we elves made the top 10 list with one of our posts! Woohoo! grin

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Posted by The_Elves

We expect it will be a much quieter week in terms of blog information from us elves. One important question remains: making sure the blog is readable for hand-held users. If you read T19 via handheld (Blackberry, etc.) please read the following and chime in with your comments.

This elf has a busy week ahead for her "real" job, and doesn't expect to fiddle too much with TitusOneNine design or features for a few days. We've still got a number of things on our ToDo list, but nothing to our knowledge that urgently affects blog design and readability or features for most readers using laptops or desktops.

We have, however, received several comments from handheld users that the current design is not working well for handheld access. Before we make any major changes, it would help us to ask some questions of those who read the blog via handheld device:

1) Please describe whatever difficulties you are currently having. What we are hearing at the moment is that there is too much text and that perhaps we should reduce the number of entries on the main page. (Currently set to 50 entries. On the old blog it was usually set at 20).

2) Does using the calendar to view a day's entries solve your problem? Usually there will be no more than 20 entries per day on a given date, so using the calendar would be similar to the amount of text that used to appear per page on the old blog.

Try viewing all the entries for June 10 and let us know how that works.

3) We've also heard that the sidebar may be a problem for handheld users, since it displays first and it is a lot of info to scroll through. The "Print-Friendly" format we've set up may help as it will display articles without the sidebar. Please try the links below and let us know if they work for you.

To view all the articles on the main page in print-friendly format WITHOUT comments:

(Currently the print-friendly WITH comments format does not work for viewing more than one article at a time. We can try to work on that.)

NOTE: You can also view a single day's entries in print-friendly format without the sidebar by inserting the word "print" in the daily archive link between "t19" and the given date. Example:

The normal daily archive view for June 11 uses this link:
The link for the Print Friendly view for June 11:

(note: we've removed the intial http://www. in the link above so it would display the rest of the link properly with bolding of the word "print")

Please try out these options and let us know if they make reading the blog via handheld easier. If there are still problems, we'll be glad to try something different.

Note: We've now added a link in the "printer-friendly" view that makes it easy to get to the comments for each article so those reading all entries in print-friendly mode can leave a comment on articles of interest. Let us know if this works ok. Obviously the print-friendly view was originally designed for printing, not for commenting, and so it doesn't have a lot of blog-navigation links.

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Posted by The_Elves

A reader yesterday asked for printer-friendly versions of articles. We've set it up.

Sometimes there really are benefits to letting the elves know your ideas for improving Titusonenine. Yesterday a reader mentioned the trouble he was having printing articles (all the sidebar info was taking up pages, etc.). So, we've set up a printer friendly format to view articles. Now in the gray bar at the bottom of every article with the post time and comment information, you'll see two links:
-- Printer Friendly
-- Print w Comments

Printer Friendly will take you to a view of the full article so you can print it without lots of extra blog information. Print with Comments will take you to the article and its comments.

Note, you can also access both of these links from WITHIN the article view. If you have clicked on the title of an article, or on the comments link, you will see the printer-friendly links in the gray bar that shows the comment total.

Hopefully articles will print cleanly. If we have to make changes to formatting (margins?) please let us know. We're glad to try and help, so do continue to let us know what features you would find helpful. Sometimes we can actually figure out how to do them.

Don't forget, you can always find all of the recent admin posts about blog features by clicking on the blog features category.

FYI: Generally we will make "Blog Tips" posts "sticky " (meaning they stay at the top of the page, even when newer articles are posted) for one day, and then they will revert to their normal chronological place. We expect the volume of admin info / blog tips posts will taper off very sharply within a few days. So those of you who are getting sick of such verbosity from the elves, just a bit more patience, then we'll go back to our evil comment moderating role!

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Posted by The_Elves

Let us know how things look for you (ease of readability, especially of the sidebar) and what browser you are using. Thanks. Feedback would be most helpful at this point. Also, we've got a question about individual article display.

We discovered last night that what looked great (at least to us) in Firefox (particularly in terms of sidebar design and layout) was an utter disaster in Internet Explorer. We've now hopefully removed all the font formatting that was causing problems.

Those of you who were having the main section of articles pushed way down the page by the sidebar when using Internet Explorer set to LARGE text size settings should now have the blog displaying normally. (Let us know if you don't!)

Please let us know how things are working for you, especially if you are using a browser besides Firefox or Internet Explorer.

Lastly: a related question. When you are viewing a single article and its comments, do you want the full side bar and all its links to show? On the old T19 site, the sidebar was EMPTY when viewing a single article (no calendar, no search box, no links, etc etc).

Old Blog -- Compare: Main Page versus Article Display
(or if you can't get into the old site: Main Page Cache versus Article Cache)

New Blog -- Compare: Main Page versus Article Display

We're thinking of a compromise. For an individual article display: Have the calendar, search and archive links available on the sidebar, but none of the LONG LIST of links to other websites and blogs. What do you think?

By the way, we haven’t forgotten some folks' comments about the width of the main article section being too wide for comfortable reading.

How are folks feeling about that? We might be willing /able to experiment later this week or on the weekend with changing the width of the main column if folks are still finding the layout uncomfortable.

Also, what about use of color? Is there too much white space? We like the clean look, but we received at least one comment requesting a faint background color (maybe for the sidebar?) and are mulling that over.

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Posted by The_Elves

We've just added a huge slew of links (nearly 70) to Anglican / Episcopal blogs on "both sides of the aisle" or debate. We've used Kendall's "labels" reasserters & reappraisers as easy shorthand since that is understood by most regulars on the blogs. Of course there are nuances. (We could make a separate category for poor Fr. Greg Jones, the Anglican Centrist, perhaps?! wink )

These are by no means all the blogs on either side, but they are those which we've linked to with some regularity, and / or which provide good sources of news or commentary and thoughtful discussion. (We also tried to focus on those which are updated frequently, although there are a few exceptions to that on the list.)

Feel free to let us know what we've missed, and also if you find any broken links.

You can view the entire list of links on the sidebar here in a larger format that may be easier to read and use.

We'll be working to add links to excellent non-Anglican sites and resources in the coming days. Stay tuned.

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Posted by The_Elves

A quick question for any readers who would like to weigh in.

Now that you can see a list of all 12 of the parent categories on the sidebar, we're wondering: If we can figure out how to do it: would you be interested in the possibility of individual RSS feeds for any or all of these 12 categories? (e.g. to get only the Anglican / Episcopal stories)

If there's interest, we can see about setting up such feeds.

In the meantime, you can subscribe to the RSS feed for all T19 entries here. The Atom feed is here.

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Posted by The_Elves

You may have noticed, some commenters have created a "signature line" for their comments, which provides links to their blogs or websites, or quotes or other info about themselves. Learn more about signature lines in today's Daily Blog Tip.

Several readers have mentioned that they miss the way the old blog used to highlight names of those who provided the URL (link) to a blog or website, meaning you could visit their sites to learn more about your fellow commenters. Rugbyplayingpriest's comment is typical:

The one thing I miss is the manner in which the old site made weblinked names blue- thus easy for people to navigate to one another’s own websites. Could it be re-introduced?

To our knowledge, it can't be reintroduced in quite as simple a fashion (On the old blog, you had the choice every time you posted a comment as to whether you wanted to include a URL.)

The way to provide links to your blog or website on the new site is to use a signature line. Several commenters have started using them. Here are a few examples. (note you will only be able to see these if you have your preferences set to view signatures. see details below):
D.C. Toedt
Dr. Priscilla Turner

(This is not an exhaustive list of those using signature lines. All of the above are the signature lines from one single thread. Sorry we couldn't link every user who has set up a signature. Feel free to comment on this post if you have a signature set up -- Show off a bit!!)

And no, as of writing this, we elves had not set up a signature yet! So, we're going to use this post as our means of doing so.

So, now that you know what a signature line is, HOW do you create one?

1. You must be logged in to the site
2. Go to Your Account (which replaces the login link whenever you are logged in)
3. Look for the "Edit Signature" choice in the left menu
4. You can put in a quote or saying. You can put in a link, whatever.
5. To put in a link, you can just paste the URL in the text box. The software will automatically code it for you. (Correction from earlier)
6. Finally, as noted above, you will only be able to view others' signatures if you have selected that option in the Preferences menu.

As always, let us know if you've got questions or need further help with what we've written here.

FEEL FREE TO USE THIS COMMENT THREAD TO TEST OUT YOUR SIGNATURES -- it may take a few tries to get it to look like you want. That's one of the reasons we set up this thread! Note: all changes are retroactive and your new signature will show up in ALL of your comments, even those made before you created your signature.

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Posted by The_Elves

The top comment-getters of the past week (May 28 - June 3). Have you read them all?

Comment totals are as of June 4, 17:30 EDT.

Amy Johnson Frykholm: Formerly gay? (70)
Diana Butler Bass: Different Bible Translations Guided My Way (50)
Norah M. Joslyn: On being Christian and Muslim (47)
One Episcopal Church's Adult Sunday School Offering in 2005 (45)
Unmarried Anglican priest quits top job after becoming pregnant (45)
Church of Uganda will uphold Road to Lambeth Statement (39)
Bishop Pierre Whalon Describes a recent Meeting of the Church of England House of Bishops (32)
Truth and Consequences? (30)
New Hampshire law makes same-sex civil unions legal (29)
Report from A recent Virginia Clergy day with the Presiding Bishop (27)

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Posted by The_Elves

An opportunity to give feedback on the T19 Archive pages... And don't forget. Any questions or problems? Write us:

I think we have the T19 Archives working pretty well now. (They now show only T19 entries, whereas before they were mixing up T19 and Stand Firm entries). Try clicking on the monthly archive links at the bottom of the right sidebar and let us know what you think.

Is the current arrangement clear? useful?

The page design is about as boring as can be, but we can worry about that later... wink Right now we're aiming for content and functionality.

I don't know if it is possible to include more info along with the title of and link to each post:
-- post date?
-- author? (e.g. Kendall or elves)
-- a short excerpt?

If possible, would you want to see some or all of that information?

If it's helpful to compare with old T19 Archives, here's link for April 2007 archives from the old blog

If you can't get CaNNet to come up, here's the link to that archive in the Google Cache

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Posted by The_Elves

Little tech support will be available this weekend. Your patience and understanding is appreciated.
Also, while we are offline, we hope you will continue to offer us feedback on how the new blog is working so far. We really need it.

After too many 18 hour+ hour days at the computer between our real job and all the extra work to design and set up the blog, this elf is signing off for the weekend. We also hear that Greg G. is not going to be online much this weekend. What this means, is that folks with login and registration problems, or other tech questions or problems are likely going to have to wait until Monday for help. Feel free to send e-mail: or leave comments here. Just don't expect a reply from ElfGirl or Greg until Monday.

A tech note:
The two blog admin "Sticky" posts that were at the top of the blog earlier today (Open thread, and Info on the Sidebar setup & Categories, etc.) have all been made "unsticky" -- you can find them below on the original dates they were posted. But to make them easy to find, the links are in the sidebar. Also in the sidebar are the links to all three of "Daily Blog Tips" posts from this week. That "blog tips" series will resume again on Monday.

On a pesonal note, a plea for feedback:
After having been online and monitoring or working on the blog for 6-8 hours or more per day most of this week, I feel like I've been living, eating, breathing T19 all week. That intense blog exposure has been interesting, and I wanted to add a few personal words before I shut down the computer for the weekend. Firstly, I have really enjoyed the opportunity to hear from many readers who have written needing tech assistance. So many of you have offered words of encouragement and shared how important and helpful Titusonenine is to you. That makes all this hard work worthwhile to know that this is really a ministry to and important resource for many. Our readers and commenters are a huge part of what has made this blog so successful over the past three years. We hope there will be the same kind of lively and deep discussions on the comment threads of this new blog. From all we can see, the move to a new server and new software offers outstanding opportunities to make a great blog even several degrees better. We're working towards it on our end, and are sure Kendall is too.

It's been a bit odd that the comment threads have been anemic on many posts this week. It's probably normal given the switch to new software and the requirement that readers must register in order to comment. But, if there is some feature or design issue that is making commenting difficult would you please let us know?

Secondly, on a related note, I can't emphasize enough how important your feedback is to all of us involved with the blog, especially as we work to design it and setup various features to make it a helpful and hopefully easy to use resource. Our goal is not blog design for blog design's sake, but to have the design serve the needs and interests of our readers. So do chime in as to what you want this blog to be. Otherwise, we'll take the large degree of silence to mean that you all think we elves are perfect and can do no wrong. And that would not be a good thing for our egos!

Oh, and just an FYI for the weekend. Even though elfgirl, (aka the blog-design and membership-support elf) is going to be offline for the weekend, ElfLady is NOT signing off for the weekend. So, mind your Ps & Qs on the comment threads! At least one of us is still watching! wink

Blessings all, and thanks for putting up with all the posts and deluge of information from us this past week. Until Monday...

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Posted by The_Elves

As on the old Titusonenine site, we are using a daily calendar here in the sidebar. You can click on the date to quickly view each day's entries. It's simple & easy. But right now there are a few small issues with the calendar. Please read this even if it seems to be way too basic to be of interest.

Update: After this post was written and posted, we made some changes to the blog set up that affect blog navigation. There is also more news about the calendar. PLEASE make sure you read all the way to the end of the post for the latest and most current info!

Update #2:
We've now added some blog navigation tools to go back and forth between individual articles without returning to the blog homepage, which should be nice especially for long comment threads. See end of full text for details.

On some blogs, one of the most important reasons to have a calendar in the sidebar is to see which days the author has written something. On a day with posts, the date is highlighted and clickable. On a day without posts, the date is fainter and not clickable. For T19, that is basically a moot point. Kendall did not miss a single day of blogging on his old site from the day he launched it (Jan 15, 2004) to the day he shut it down (May 22, 2007). INCREDIBLE!!! Thank you Kendall for your amazing commitment and dedication.

But apart from being able to tell what dates have blog entries, there are 3 big advantages to getting in the habit of clicking on the calendar each day:

1. It makes scrolling much easier with a shorter page to scroll.

2. The page loads faster, with fewer posts to show.

3. You can instantly see any new entries have been posted. In these early days of this new blog, this might be of particular interest, since, as most readers will have noted, we are often making some of the blog admin posts "sticky" -- meaning they are held at the top of the page and new entries are posted beneath. Whenever there are sticky posts up top, it may not be obvious whether there are any new entries until you scroll down a little ways. Clicking on today's date, however, always ensures you will see the NEWEST posts at the top. Sticky posts are no longer "sticky" when you are using the calendar, they revert to displaying on whatever date they were first posted.

There of course is also the ease of quickly getting to an entry posted on a previous date. If you know the date you can click on the calendar and browse that day's entries. This is helpful when you don't remember the title and a keyword search might be difficult.

IMPORTANT: Mysteriously, several dates in the calendar (currently May 22 - 25) are broken. Even though there are lots of posts for each of those days, the date acts as if there were no posts. Greg is working on that and we hope it will be fixed ASAP. [It appears something is causing the calendar to only display the most recent 7 days of activity. We think it can be fixed pretty quickly now that we've figured out the problem.]

Here's how you can get around the problem in the meantime:

There is a very simple format for the links to each day's entries. If a given date is broken in the calendar, you can use the following links to get you to the daily archives:

May 22:
May 23:
May 24:
May 25:

Since we are posting this on June 1, it is perhaps helpful to explain how to see the previous month's calendar. To the left of "June 2007" at the top of the calendar, you'll see double arrows. Click on those left double arrows and you'll be taken back to the May calendar.

Finally, while on the topic of blog navigation: we've had some e-mails from readers saying that when they login they keep seeing old entries. We've added a link at the very top of the sidebar to the blog homepage (i.e. the main page). You can also always get there by clicking on the TitusONEnine logo at the top of the blog. This way, if you login and get directed to an old entry, you can quickly get to the home page and the latest entries. (Or once again, click on the calendar to see the date you are interested in.)


Since first posting this article, we have set up pagination. The main page now displays the 50 most-recent entries (usually equal to 2-3 days' worth of articles). You can then click on the next page to see earlier entries. All entries from the blog's launch through today are now available by following the page links at the bottom of the blog.

Hope this is helpful. As always, we welcome your questions & suggestions.

UPDATE 2: (11:45 GMT / 07:45 EDT) -- Another Blog Navigation Upgrade!

We were reading the 100+ comment thread on speaking in tongues this morning. And as we got to the end of that long thread, we thought to ourselves: "Self, you clever elf, do you know what would be really nice? Being able to click to get to the next entry, or get back to the home page without having to scroll all the way back up to the top of the page!" So, being an elf, with all of our wonderful magic powers, we made our wish come true!

Now when you get to the end of an individual article and its comment thread, you will see three links:

Next entry (above): [article name and link] -- this goes to the NEWER article
Previous entry (below): [article nameand link] -- this goes to the OLDER article

Return to blog homepage [returns you to the blog's main page]

Hope you agree with us that this is a nice feature!

Note: if you are in the comment section of a "sticky" post that is displaying at the top of the blog, the "next" or "previous entries" relate to chronological order when the sticky post was first written. So if there is a sticky post from May 29 still on the top of the blog today, the other articles in the next or previous sequence will be from May 29, not today, June 1.

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Posted by The_Elves

For lovers of T19 trivia, we've had a post hit 100 comments! The thread on speaking in tongues posted last week hit 100 comments today.

By the way, we've sometimes noted on Stand Firm that long threads of 100+ comments don't always display properly. (MS Internet Explorer seems to handle them better than Firefox). We'll keep an eye on things here. If you note problems, let us know. So far there's no other thread that's anywhere near 100 comments.

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Posted by The_Elves

UPDATE 3: Check out the new "Blog Admin Stuff" section in the sidebar.
When you roll over each link you get a pop-up description about each post. We are so cool we amaze ourselves sometimes! cool smile

Just a heads up. We're slowly figuring out Expression Engine templates, tags and modules, and starting to try and setup the sidebar. Feel free to let us know your preferences in the comments.

Note: the May 2007 archive link that is now showing up at the bottom of the sidebar still needs work. It is displaying results from both T19 and Stand Firm. And there is a lot of stuff yet to fix and edit in the Archive Template page. Please ignore the mess for now. Hopefully we can get back to it tomorrow.

Update: We've found a way for the category structure to be displayed. You can take a sneak peak here. It is nothing like what the final product will be. (Can you imagine one page with everything Kendall has ever posted by category?! Even after only 1 week, the list is overwhelming. He's up to about 160 posts already, maybe a bit more.) But it will give readers an idea of how the category structure works and what gets posted where. TONS of work still needed though to turn this into something actually usable.

UPDATE 2: WOOHOO!!! We've got category links now working in each post. If you click a category you will see all posts displayed in the category. Sweet!

==> Your feedback on sidebar, categories and other blog design elements is both NEEDED & MUCH APPRECIATED. Thanks to those who are offering input and ideas!

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Posted by The_Elves

As regular readers will know, we elves like lists and data. On Monday, we posted a "Titusonenine Top Ten" list to help those still trying to learn their way around the new blog have an easy way to find the posts that are generating the most comments. (One wag said since this is "T19" it should be a "top nine list!" We might just do that in the future...!)

So, how did we come up with that list? Is it just elfin magic? Or can regular readers quickly see what threads are being hotly discussed? Read on! With the new advanced search features here, you too can be an elf!

Here is how to search the blog for the posts with the most comments yourself, using the Advanced Search feature.

1. Go into Advanced Search (up at the top right near the search box and calendar)
2. For the broadest search possible, enter "the" as your keyword (you can of course limit to some keyword of your choosing, e.g. Anglican).
3. Choose: Search on Titles, Entries and Comments in the pull down menu to make sure you'll get all posts
4. Choose: Titusonenine in the blog selection menu
5. Choose: Any Category to search on ALL categories. Or limit to the category / categories of your choice. (Yes you can select MULTIPLE categories)
6. Finally, over on the far right choose: "Sort Results By: MOST COMMENTS"

This will give you a list of posts with the most comments EVER (assuming you've not limited your search by keyword or category).

You could also limit the date range of your search, example "today and newer" or "this week and newer." Try it out!

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Posted by The_Elves

I thought it would be helpful to begin a series of posts highlighting tips about and features of the new blog.

Here's the answer to a question we have seen several times in the comments: How can I permanently turn off the "Notify me of follow-up comments?" feature? I keep forgetting and now my inbox is full!

We replied to one commenter in some detail here:

Library Jim. Go into Your Account, and the e-mail settings button
There you will see an option
Enable email notifications by default when you post messages

UNCHECK IT. Once you uncheck it, the “notify me of follow-up comments box” will be automatically unselected.

Also, If you have various threads for which you mistakenly had the "notify me of follow-up comments" box checked and for which you want to UNSUBSCRIBE from future comments, you can go into subscription manager, also in your account control panel:

There you can unsubscribe from any comment threads you are subscribed to.

Rather than just tell you how to turn off this feature, however, let me also urge folks to read Greg G's comment in the same thread, where he explains more about the e-mail settings for the blog and why some folks may want to keep the "notify me of follow up comments" option checked. Most important is his exhortation:

I strongly recommend everyone spend a few minutes poking around in their control panel. You can do a lot to customize the way you experience the site.

Note, what Greg refers to as the "control panel" is accessed with the "Your Account" link, which you can see once you have logged in. You must be a member and logged in to see it. The "Your Account" link is up at the top of the sidebar, above the search box and calendar.

That's it for today's lesson. Feel free to let us know what tips and lessons would be helpful. You'll be able to find all these "Tips" posts by searching on "Blog Tip" or the Admin Category. --elfgirl

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Posted by The_Elves

Here's a list of the posts that have gotten the most comments in the past week. Check out any of the discussions you may have missed during the blog transition. Is a "hot topics" category of interest (perhaps for threads of 50+ comments)? or perhaps a regular feature like this entry highlighting the most active discussions? Let us know.

Post Title (Comments as of May 28, 16:00 EDT)

A Note on User Registration and Posting Comments (74)
Speaking in tongues: Faith's language barrier? (72)
A Statement from Gene Robinson (70)
OPEN THREAD: "Bugs" "Turkeys" "Requests" (54)
Is Everything Fine in the Episcopal Church? (45)
A Letter from Bishop Martyn Minns (31)
Ephraim Radner--Fractured Identity and Broken Trust: TEC’s Invention of Itself (31)
Colorado Congregation Votes to Leave the Episcopal Church (30)
The Episcopal Church ‘mishandled the debate on human sexuality’ (30)
Bishop Marc Andrus: The Most Noxious Point of the Windsor Report Becomes Reality (30)

By the way: you can search the blog for the posts with the most comments yourself, using the Advanced Search feature. Here's how:

Go into Advanced Search
Enter "the" as your keyword (Search on Titles, Entries and Comments to make sure you'll get all posts.)
Choose Titusonenine
Choose Any Category
and then over on the far right choose: "Sort Results By: MOST COMMENTS"

Here's a link that might work:

Note you could also limit the date range of your search, example "this week and newer." Try it out!

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Posted by Greg Griffith

If you still have trouble registering or logging in after reading this, feel free to write the elves. Please do NOT write Kendall or Greg. Our address:

UPDATE 2: Note for AOL users, Greg gives some tips especially for you all here. But we know many are still having trouble. If you write us elves we can register you.
Let's take a look at a few things you can do to help complete your registration:

1. Remember that registration requires you to sign up, and confirm your registration with an email that is sent to you by our system.

When you sign up, be sure and double-check the email address you provide. If you provide an incorrect email address, your confirmation message will never reach you.

2. Be sure and check your "junk" mailbox, or your spam filter.

The confirmation emails our system sends out occasionally get stuck in your junk folder or your spam filter. If your confirmation message doesn't show up within a few minutes of signing up, check these places.

3. If you forget your password, please try the system's "Forgot password?" link first. It's found on the login screen, and you can also click here. A message will be sent to you that will enable you to recover your password. Again, check your spam filter or junk folder if you use this option.

4. Remember that if you have a Stand Firm account, you can use it at TitusOneNine, and vice-versa. There is no need to create separate accounts.

Update from the elves: We went through the "pending members" list and tried to send e-mails to about 10 folks whose names we recognized as past T19 commenters who appeared to be stuck in "limbo." In 4 cases, it appears the e-mail address you've left is invalid. In two cases it may just be a typo (gmaill (two ls) instead of gmail; or instead of We're doing whatever we think of to help folks register, but you MUST have a valid e-mail address. Again, if you need help of any sort re: registration or login, give us a shout:

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Posted by The_Elves

Update -- June 1: We've made several changes to the blog "pagination" and navigation system overnight. You can learn all about what's new in today's "Daily Blog Tip" entry.

An open thread for all reports of "bugs," and "turkeys" (definitions below) and requests about the blog function & setup.

The Background:
We found a bug with the search feature this morning. It is being worked on and should be almost fixed as I type this. [The links to blog entries which showed up in the search results were giving an error message when one clicked on the article title. Should be fixed very soon we hope. Thanks Greg!] UPDATE: Bug is fixed. Greg rocks!

The Request
Since we made this switch to a new blog quite quickly, there is still a lot to do and you all get a chance to give your input. We need input from you all in three areas:

1. Bugs.
(Something that is not working. It is supposed to do one thing, but does another.)

2. Turkeys.
(Something that is working as it "should" but which is not well designed or helpful, and thus perhaps it can be improved)

3. Requests.
Just that. Your requests. Pure & Simple. The new T19 is still a tabula rasa in some ways (example: the side bar). There are many features we haven't even begun to work on or set up because we're still working on the basics, and at least for us elves, still learning the software and what's possible. What would you like to see here? What features would enhance T19 and make it the truly helpful and powerful resource that we would love it to be?

Many extra pairs of eyes and suggestions will be helpful to us. So, go to it. Many thanks!

-- Elfgirl

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Posted by The_Elves

We thought it would be helpful to create a "blog admin roundup" post with all the links to this week's admin posts in one place.

Here is a listing of all of this week's Blog Admin posts with key information to help folks get up to speed with the new blog. I've grouped posts into 3 broad categories.

1. Welcome / Blog Overview
-- Welcome to the new Site (by Kendall, Tues. May 22)
-- This is the new Titusonenine Site, A blog purpose reminder (by Kendall, Tues. May 22)
-- Bloggers please update your links to Titusonenine! (elfgirl, Wed. May 23)

2. User Registration and Commenting
-- A Note on User Registration and Posting Comments (Greg Griffith, Tues. May 22)
-- 15 or more pending members (elfgirl. Tues. May 22)
-- Update from elfgirl re: sign in and comment problems (elfgirl, Wed. May 23)

3. Blog Features and Troubleshooting
-- OPEN THREAD: Bugs, Turkeys and Requests (elfgirl, Thurs. May 24)

As always, feel free to contact the elves with any questions:

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Posted by The_Elves

Greetings all. As I warned last night, I had to be offline most of the day. I'm now back online (though fading fast) and have waded through 20+ requests for help with registration or login or comment problems which were sent to the elves e-mail address or recorded in comments on various threads.

If you wrote to us with a problem, you should have had a reply from me, and I think in most cases I've figured out solutions to the various problems.

If you're still having trouble, do let us know. Our e-mail:

But for tonight, this elf needs to sign off and get some rest after 20 hours at the computer yesterday and all-day meetings today. Catch you all tomorrow. Hopefully we'll be able to solve any continuing login / comment problems quickly in the morning.

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Posted by The_Elves

Just a reminder. If you're one of the dozens of bloggers who have links to Titusonenine in your sidebar. Please update your links! The new link is:

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Posted by The_Elves

If you've tried to register as a member and have not yet received an e-mail confirmation, feel free to contact us. Our e-mail: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

We note at least 15 users who have registered today whose membership status is listed as PENDING. We will be glad to help. Do make sure to check your spam filters to see if the information is there. It will probably be under the address (we hope to change this and have a unique contact e-mail for this blog ASAP).

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Posted by Kendall Harmon

As you have noticed, because of traffic, the server on the old site simply became unable to handle the blog reliably so we had to move. My intention in the short term is to move the new material here but to keep all the old posts at the old site for research, review, etc.

Comments will follow the same policy here as before (see especially: here), with this difference: in order to comment here you are going to need to use a real email address. As I have said many times I prefer that you do NOT use anonymity for commenting, but if there are strong reasons for you do to so for now that option is still open.

I am sure there will be bumps along the road, and I appreciate your patience and understanding.


The elves second Kendall's plea for patience. We are on a VERY steep learning curve with the new software. There are many questions to answer and all sorts of tweaks to make, options and preferences to establish. We'll try to give clear guidance soon about how to register, comment, etc., as soon as it becomes clearer to us as well.

Feel free to leave any questions or suggestions here. You can also e-mail us at:

Comments on posts at the old blog will probably be open all this week. After that it is likely that we'll close all comments there to prevent future spam problems. As far as we know the plan is to keep the old blog online either indefinitely, or until it can be copied over to another site as an archive.

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Posted by Greg Griffith

We're keeping this post up top for awhile since it contains important information. Check for newer entries below. Also don't miss what Kendall has written about the new site and his comment policy.

Hi everyone,

We're excited to have the new T1:9 up and running. I wanted to mention that everyone who has an account at Stand Firm is ready to post comments here - just log in using your usual user name and password.

If you don't have an account, click the "Register" link over on the right. Three important reminders:

1. You may register 100% anonymously if you wish, by creating a Yahoo!, HotMail, or similar account, and using that email address when you register here. A confirmation email will be sent to whatever address you provide - that's why it has to be a real address.

2. The confirmation email that gets sent to you sometimes get caught in spam filters, so if you don't receive it within a few minutes of registering, please check your junk mailbox.

3. There is a known problem with AOL users who attempt to register using the web browser AOL includes with their service. If you receive an error message telling you you're not authorized to register, please use another web browser. I recommend downloading Firefox (it's free). Log on to AOL as usual, quit their web browser, then use Firefox to complete your registration.

This is a big change for Kendall, the elves, and me, but I'll be working hard to make the transition as smooth as possible for them, so please be patient!

- Greg Griffith

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Posted by Kendall Harmon

A blog purpose reminder
Here is a reminder of the purpose of this blog when it was started in March, 2003:

A free floating commentary on culture, politics, economics, and religion based on a passionate commitment to the truth and a desire graciously to refute that which is contrary to it….

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