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TitusOneNine Top Ten: June 18-24

We usually try to post this weekly feature on Monday’s but didn’t have any time available to do so yesterday. Here are the most-commented-upon blog entries for the week June 18-24. Comment totals as of 06:30 EDT Tuesday, June 26.

Neal Michell: What the Kenyan Initiative Means (92)
Follow-up to Seattle story (Muslim ECUSA priest) — Updated (87)
More from Cherie Wetzel on Executive Council (77)
Wall Street Journal: Christopher Hitchens Book Debunking The Deity Is A Surprise Hit (51)
Second Lawsuit Filed Against St. John’s Anglican Church by Diocese of San Diego (48)
From IRD: The Episcopal Church’s Second Strike (47)
Breaking: Extremely Narrow DEFEAT for local option of SSBs at Canadian General Synod (46)
Britain’s Brown Vows to Learn From Iraq (46)
The Case For and Against the of Blessing Homosexual Unions in the Anglican Church of Canada (45)
7 in 10 Americans Say Economy Is ‘Getting Worse’ (44)

And for those keeping track, if we based this list on total number of comments received in a week, instead of limiting it to entries posted in a given week, the Seattle Times story on the Rev. Ann Redding would have made the list for a second week, as it received approximately 64 comments after we listed it as our top ten “winner” last week. It is now the new T19 overall leader with a total of 138 comments.

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TitusOneNine Top Ten: Week of June 11-17

It seemed obvious all week that the most hotly discussed blog entries would be related to the Executive Council meeting and last week’s news about the Anglican Church of Kenya’s announcement that Canon Bill Atwood will be consecrated as a missionary bishop for North America. However, a late entry posted yesterday afternoon just barely eclipsed those entries to emerge as the past week’s comment leader.

Here are the stories from June 11-17 with the most comments as of 14:00 EDT / 18:00 GMT today, June 18. It was definitely an interesting week in the Anglican blogosphere.

1. A Seattle Episcopal Priest says: “I am both Muslim and Christian” (74)
2. Nigerian Gay Rights Advocate Addresses Executive Council (72)
3. Network welcomes Kenya’s decision to care for U.S. Anglicans (58)
4. Two More Articles on the recently concluded Executive Council Meeting in New Jersey (50)
5. Statement from the Most Rev. Henry Luke Orombi (47)
6. From AP: Episcopal panel rejects Anglican demand (46)
7. Homosexuality & the Church: Two Views from Eve Tushnet and Luke Timothy Johnson (41)
8. Carolyn J Sharp Responds to the Proposed Anglican Draft Covenant (39)
9. Executive Council Rejects Primates’ Pastoral Plan; Insists on Diocesan Accession Clause (39)
10. Newark Diocese Addresses Executive Council, Moves Forward on Same-Sex Blessing (34)

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Titusonenine Top Ten: Week of June 4, 2007

The posts from June 4 – June 10 which received the most comments.
Comment totals are as of June 11, 13:30 EDT / 17:30 GMT

Bishop Sergio Carranza: The Soul of Anglicanism (69)
Bishop Richard Randerson Profiled: A devil for the detail (55)
3 Democratic candidates talk of their faith (54)
Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori speaks to Bill Moyers (52)
They Really Saw Him: A look at Richard Bauckham’s Most Recent New Testament Work (47)
Bishop Jack Iker on the March Meeting of the American House of Bishops (45)
Did you Know? (43)
The religious left lifts its voice in campaign 2008 (41)
Today’s Question from the Elves (38)
Today’s Quiz (38)

Hey, we elves made the top 10 list with one of our posts! Woohoo! 🙂

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Titusonenine Top Ten: Week of May 28, 2007

The top comment-getters of the past week (May 28 – June 3). Have you read them all?

Comment totals are as of June 4, 17:30 EDT.

Amy Johnson Frykholm: Formerly gay? (70)
Diana Butler Bass: Different Bible Translations Guided My Way (50)
Norah M. Joslyn: On being Christian and Muslim (47)
One Episcopal Church’s Adult Sunday School Offering in 2005 (45)
Unmarried Anglican priest quits top job after becoming pregnant (45)
Church of Uganda will uphold Road to Lambeth Statement (39)
Bishop Pierre Whalon Describes a recent Meeting of the Church of England House of Bishops (32)
Truth and Consequences? (30)
New Hampshire law makes same-sex civil unions legal (29)
Report from A recent Virginia Clergy day with the Presiding Bishop (27)

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Titusonenine Top Ten: Week of May 21, 2007

Here’s a list of the posts that have gotten the most comments in the past week. Check out any of the discussions you may have missed during the blog transition. Is a “hot topics” category of interest (perhaps for threads of 50+ comments)? or perhaps a regular feature like this entry highlighting the most active discussions? Let us know.

Post Title (Comments as of May 28, 16:00 EDT)

A Note on User Registration and Posting Comments (74)
Speaking in tongues: Faith’s language barrier? (72)
A Statement from Gene Robinson (70)
OPEN THREAD: “Bugs” “Turkeys” “Requests” (54)
Is Everything Fine in the Episcopal Church? (45)
A Letter from Bishop Martyn Minns (31)
Ephraim Radner–Fractured Identity and Broken Trust: TEC’s Invention of Itself (31)
Colorado Congregation Votes to Leave the Episcopal Church (30)
The Episcopal Church ”˜mishandled the debate on human sexuality’ (30)
Bishop Marc Andrus: The Most Noxious Point of the Windsor Report Becomes Reality (30)

By the way: you can search the blog for the posts with the most comments yourself, using the Advanced Search feature. Here’s how:

Go into Advanced Search
Enter “the” as your keyword (Search on Titles, Entries and Comments to make sure you’ll get all posts.)
Choose Titusonenine
Choose Any Category
and then over on the far right choose: “Sort Results By: MOST COMMENTS”

Here’s a link that might work:

Note you could also limit the date range of your search, example “this week and newer.” Try it out!

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