Having Trouble Registering? (Updated)

If you still have trouble registering or logging in after reading this, feel free to write the elves. Please do NOT write Kendall or Greg. Our address: T19elves@yahoo.com

UPDATE 2: Note for AOL users, Greg gives some tips especially for you all here. But we know many are still having trouble. If you write us elves we can register you.
Let’s take a look at a few things you can do to help complete your registration:
1. Remember that registration requires you to sign up, and confirm your registration with an email that is sent to you by our system.

When you sign up, be sure and double-check the email address you provide. If you provide an incorrect email address, your confirmation message will never reach you.

2. Be sure and check your “junk” mailbox, or your spam filter.

The confirmation emails our system sends out occasionally get stuck in your junk folder or your spam filter. If your confirmation message doesn’t show up within a few minutes of signing up, check these places.

3. If you forget your password, please try the system’s “Forgot password?” link first. It’s found on the login screen, and you can also click here. A message will be sent to you that will enable you to recover your password. Again, check your spam filter or junk folder if you use this option.

4. Remember that if you have a Stand Firm account, you can use it at TitusOneNine, and vice-versa. There is no need to create separate accounts.

Update from the elves: We went through the “pending members” list and tried to send e-mails to about 10 folks whose names we recognized as past T19 commenters who appeared to be stuck in “limbo.” In 4 cases, it appears the e-mail address you’ve left is invalid. In two cases it may just be a typo (gmaill (two ls) instead of gmail; or mwn.com instead of msn.com) We’re doing whatever we think of to help folks register, but you MUST have a valid e-mail address. Again, if you need help of any sort re: registration or login, give us a shout: T19elves@yahoo.com


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One comment on “Having Trouble Registering? (Updated)

  1. qharbour says:

    I can not help but wonder why we do not sing “patriotic hymns” on Sundays closest to Memorial Day and July 4th. Last Sunday May 25th, the day before Memorial Day 2007, would have been a perfect time to sing a patriotic hymn. In our hymnal, a number of hymns under national Days are available.
    The Church my wife and myself attend, (in the Myrtle Beach S C area) we might just just as well remove the National Hymns from the Hymnal as we never sing them. We have men and women fighting in foreign land, particularly in Iraq where as of May 26, 2007, 3,451 American lives have been lost.This Memorial Day ten (10) American lives lost. The period from Memorial Day 2006 through Monday May 26, 2007; 990 American lives have been lost. Such a staggering number and we cannot sing a patriotic hymn.
    I do not know who decides what hymns to sing, whether it is the Rector or the Choir Director, but who ever it is, it appears to me “patriotism” has a low priotiry.