The T19 elves welcome suggestions

Given all of Greg’s hard work in switching the blog to a new server, it seems only fair that this lazy elf who helps with some of the tech and admin tasks here at T19 get busy and do some much much needed and long-neglected work on the T19 sidebar to update links and make finding things around the blog somewhat easier.

We plan to devote a few hours a day today – Sunday to being available to update broken links and make a few other needed changes. We welcome suggestions as to what needs fixing or improving, particularly if there’s still anything that needs to be updated following the server move. Leave a comment or send us an e-mail: {encode=”” title=””}


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6 comments on “The T19 elves welcome suggestions

  1. Ralph says:

    Software improvements on the SF side have made the entire site inaccessible by BlackBerry handhelds using the 4.5 operating system, which is still the current version for some devices and some carriers. The mobile version doesn’t work, either. (Greg is an iPhone fanatic.)

    T19 remains fully accessible. It would be a shame to see those same “improvements” made over here.

    What would be a good punch line to, “How many Episcopalians does it take to change a web server?”

  2. State of Limbo says:

    If you are looking for new websites to add to the list please consider:

  3. Greg Griffith says:


    The Blackberry problem is related to its lack of support for JQuery. I’m looking at some ways to make it degrade gracefully such that it’s available again on Blackberries.

    Re iPhone – not a fanatic, that’s just what I have. It does seem to do a much better job at rendering web sites, though.

  4. Ross says:

    After the move, inserting links in comments seems to be broken… here, let me try one:

    This should be a link to the T19 home page

    Something is modifying the markup before it gets posted.

  5. The_Elves says:

    #1, no fear. This elf has no plans to change the mobile setup which displays blog headlines and comment totals.

    All the Jquery stuff Greg is talking about is totally over my head. So, there’s no plan to change the mobile design here at T19.

    #4, yes, we’re aware of that problem. It’s affecting both T19 and SF. Greg is looking into it. When he figures out how to fix it on SF, I assume he’ll be able to fix it here on T19 too. For now, merely copy and paste the link into your comment without the href tags or url brackets. If it is a long link, however, PLEASE go to first and make the link shorter! THanks.

  6. Chancellor says:

    Elves, as I’m sure you are aware, a lot of the blog links are out-of-date, and no longer work—just in the A’s alone, I found five. Also, I hope you add some of the new sites that are also linked over at StandFirm.

    [[i]Yes, updating the links is the main thing we have in mind. It’s Kendall’s call as to which links we add. No need necessarily to duplicate links that are at SF, but certainly some of those links will be added — any blog that Kendall regularly links to, such as Anglican Curmudgeon (to name a blog in the “As”) certainly will be linked. For today, I’ve been making a list of broken links, correct links and also verifying that blogs whose links still work are still actually active and worth linking. Actual changes in the links will begin to show up on Sunday, I’m guessing. We’ll post an update then.

    Do feel free to send suggestions as to helpful links, however. –elfgirl[/i]]