Supporting TitusOneNine and Stand Firm

Greg Griffith has posted an update today on the financial needs of StandFirm in the wake of the recent move to a new server.

While much of Greg’s article refers to the history and vision of Stand Firm, the appeal is relevant to TitusOneNine readers as well.

As most of our regular readers know, TitusOneNine shares server hosting with Stand Firm:
— TitusOneNine’s side of the server alone comprises over 12,000 blog entries and over 106,000 comments.
— Greg Griffith serves as the webmaster for both T19 and Stand Firm.

Greg’s commitment to technical excellence and dedication to keeping both StandFirm and TitusOneNine up and running no matter how crazy the Anglican news or how intense the blog traffic on any given day explains why we moved TitusOneNine to Stand Firm’s servers back in May 2007. If you appreciate TitusOneNine and the reliability of the current blog platform, please consider supporting Stand Firm’s appeal.

Full Details Here.


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