Chile earthquake: death toll passes 200

A tremor with a magnitude of 8.8 devastated large parts of southern Chile and sent huge waves racing at up to 400 miles an hour across the Pacific. Isolated ocean islands were reported to have suffered severe wave damage, and tsunami warnings were issued across a vast area stretching from Russia and Japan through to the Philippines and New Zealand.

In the Chilean capital, Santiago, some five million woke up to “hell” as the earthquake, which struck in the small hours of Saturday morning, collapsed tower blocks and bridges and swallowed cars as it ripped cracks in the roads. Rescue teams worked throughout the day to dig out people buried alive in the rubble.

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One comment on “Chile earthquake: death toll passes 200

  1. sophy0075 says:

    God give comfort to the injured and the bereaved.
    God give guidance to the government, as to the best way to marshal resources for the victims.
    God give wisdom and endurance to the rescue and medical teams attempting to find those imprisoned within destroyed buildings, to assuage the injuries of the hurt, and to ease the pain of the dying.
    God help all members of religious orders to assure the victims, the onlookers, and the entire world that God feels the pain of the Chileans and will ever be with them.
    In the name of your Son, Our Savior Jesus Christ, amen.