15 or more pending members

If you’ve tried to register as a member and have not yet received an e-mail confirmation, feel free to contact us. Our e-mail: {encode=”T19elves@yahoo.com” title=”T19elves@yahoo.com”}

We note at least 15 users who have registered today whose membership status is listed as PENDING. We will be glad to help. Do make sure to check your spam filters to see if the information is there. It will probably be under the address contact@standfirminfaith.com (we hope to change this and have a unique contact e-mail for this blog ASAP).


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3 comments on “15 or more pending members

  1. Henry Greville says:

    Dear Kendall,
    I pray that this is is the start of something even more wonderful – and less prone to technical difficulty – than your previous blog site!

  2. john scholasticus says:

    Dear elves,
    Having been in limbo for a long time, I have now been ‘promoted’. Many thanks.

  3. The_Elves says:

    Glad to hear it John S. Sorry for the problems you had. Know it’s frustrating. Thanks again for your patience with the process. Welcome to the new site.