Testing Categories

This is a test to see if it is possible to use the new categories I have created.
1. New posts. How to categorize.

In the PUBLISH section, when you have finished a post, look for the CATEGORIES tab up top. (the third tab from the left, after publish form and date.)

If you click on the categories tab, you will see a window with ALL the categories. You need to highlight any category you want to include. (Hold down the control key and left click on various categories to highlight multiple selections.) Any chosen categories will be highlighted in blue.

2. When you’re done, scroll down a bit and save or publish your post. (Submit or Update, depending on whether the post is already saved and published or not.)

3. What happens. So far the categories do not seem to be showing up in the public blog page. i.e. I see no “filed under Anglican” or “filed under Admin” type listing. And so far no links on the sidebar to click on a specific category. We’ll get there. Hopefully the categories will somehow be embedded in RSS already and Technorati searches, etc.

4. What IS useful so far and already working is the view post list. If you go to the EDIT Window from the Admin home, you’ll see a list of all the recent posts. Notice at the top of the list, you can filter the list by categories. Try clicking on Admin, for instance in that Filter by Categories box, and then click the blue search box. You’ll see only the 5 entries filed under Admin.

Note that in this list, there is no distinction made between parent & subcategories. They all show up at the same level. So “Anglican” or its subcategory “Lambeth 2008” in this instance are equal. There is no heirarchy here. (I believe there IS elsewhere since the categories clearly display as parent / child)


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