Morning Quiz–the cost of Iodine Packets (14 pills)

According to the Economist, before the Japan Earthquake, the previous cost was 10 dollars.

Where was it pricing recently? No researching or googling; try a real guess.


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7 comments on “Morning Quiz–the cost of Iodine Packets (14 pills)

  1. Milton says:

    $75 I’ll Google it later 😉

  2. ScottChicago says:

    $49.95. Haven’t googled or otherwise researched.

  3. KevinBabb says:

    You people have far too much faith in the goodness of humanity. I’m guessing $150.00.

  4. deaconmark says:

    I’ve seen them priced at as much as $1,000.00 I’m not saying they are actually selling for that much. My guess would be more like $250.

  5. Milton says:

    Just googled the Economist article. All four of us had too much faith in humanity!

  6. nwlayman says:

    Whatever the price, don’t do it.
    Thyroid health demands it. You don’t need it unless vacationing in Sendai which no one suggests.