San Diego Anglicans: Latest on the Southern California fires

San Diego Anglicans blog has set up an open thread re: the wildfires in Southern California, as well as a photo gallery.

If you need to know how various churches in the area have been affected, this is the go to site. As of yesterday evening, there were reports of up to 513,000 people evacuated, 500 homes lost in San Diego County, 800 homes destroyed outside the county.

Please keep the situation in prayer.

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7 comments on “San Diego Anglicans: Latest on the Southern California fires

  1. Jim the Puritan says:

    The only church I’ve heard of that has burned down is Malibu Presbyterian (PCUSA).

  2. Pageantmaster Ù† says:

    Prayers for Californians affected and for an end to these catastrophic fires.

  3. physician without health says:

    Unfortunately this morning the links are not working. The latest is that a million have been displaced. This is a major catastrophe. Prayers are lifted for the folk in Southern California.

  4. NancyNH says:

    ABC News last night called this the worse fire “in four years.” That was a bad year, but I think these are the worst fires EVER in Southern California. And I lived in SoCAl for 32 years. We have family in a danger area, and are praying consistently for them and for all those affected.

  5. NancyNH says:

    Correction: Worst fire, not worse.

  6. says:

    Sorry about the broken link folks. Am working with host to bring site back up asap. In general, the fire situation seems to have improved somewhat overnight, but lots of communities are still in danger and under mandatory evac. News this morning says approx USD 1 billion in property loss here in SD County.

  7. says:

    The direct link to the open thread, where updates from local congregations are being posted seems to be working ok now.