An Important Note on New T19 Blog Membership Procedures (Update: Nov 16)

This post is sticky – look for new entries below. [Updated November 16]

We have had to totally overhaul our blog membership rolls to clean out thousands of spam bot registrations. Some members’ registrations may have been affected in that process and normal member registration is temporarily closed while we sort out the details.

UPDATE: As of Nov. 16 we are still working to put new member registration procedures in place. It may be another 2 days. We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate readers’ patience. In the meantime if you would like to register, please email us at T19elves [at] yahoo [dot] com and we will be glad to give you more details about how we can create a temporary registration for you.

Click on the read more link below for more details as to what is happening with T19 blog memberships.
Readers may have noticed sometimes T19 features adverts for designer handbags and educational courses in the comments. Recently we have been receiving a number of membership applications from spambots, well quite a lot of them. Unfortunately T19 had to take some drastic action now to prevent more serious problems in the future:

Our registration procedures are being overhauled which will now require more human input from applicants and for us to manually complete registration. It will not be possible to register as a new member for a few days while this is being put in place and we will update this post with more information as the system is reconfigured.

We have had to review the membership rolls to exclude the bots. In doing so it is possible that collaterally some real accounts have been affected. Please check your account by signing in as usual with your individual password and check that your membership is still active. We hope that this has not happened to anybody, but if it has, it may be necessary to re-register when the new procedures above are in place. In a few cases the account may now be ‘pending’ – so email us to reactivate it. We would also like to hear from anyone who is having problems or needs help so feel free to email us [with your screen name so we can identify your account] at T19elves [at] yahoo [dot] com

Hopefully this will improve the T19 experience for the future. Many thanks and sorry for any inconvenience – The Elves


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12 comments on “An Important Note on New T19 Blog Membership Procedures (Update: Nov 16)

  1. SC blu cat lady says:

    Thanks for the warning Elves! As always, T19 readers are first with you! KUDOS!

  2. Chip Johnson, cj says:

    T19 elves rule! Thanks for keeping us safe!

  3. Cennydd13 says:


  4. Undergroundpewster says:

    You mean those handbag comments weren’t legit? And I was hoping to do my Christmas shopping on-line this year.

  5. BabyBlue says:

    The elves rock! 🙂


  6. CharlietheCook says:

    Oh my Gosh! Essentially you’re making it harder to join what must already be the most insular forum (of any kind) on the internet.
    Really? There are only a relative handful of posters here posting entirely predictable, and often redundant, material.

    I am squarely in the conservative camp. I mean that sincerely but I feel I have to go to the SC Episcopalian site to get some sort of sense of balance that is certainly not available here.
    If this forum exists to whip each other up into a one-sided frenzy it is doing its job – for the dozen or so folks posting the same old worn-out party line.
    You need fresh voices. And fresh reporting.

  7. DeeBee says:

    I guess this comment proves that my (underused) account remains in working and unaffected form. Thanks WebElves! 🙂

    BTW – The WebElves do indeed rock the blogsphere, regardless of Sarah Hey’s penchant for concocting new and interesting elf-roasting equipment and recipes. :-S

  8. Didymus says:

    Old, not used for years handle still works. Hi, t19. How have ya’ll been doing?

  9. Karen B. says:

    Hey maybe the elves should purge the membership rolls more often, it’s nice to see some old commenters posting again!

  10. Karen B. says:

    Hmmm. Perhaps it would have been more polite if I’d written “it’s nice to see some *former* commenters posting again!” LOL!

  11. Didymus says:

    Karen, for my part the reason I haven’t posted here in a while is that I officially left Anglicanism in December of 2009. I still check back here occasionally, still have something of a soft spot for the Anglican Church, and follow many of the threads with great interest, but it seemed somewhat disingenuous for me to post on matters regarding the troubles in the Communion, especially as I was still settling into my new “home” and couldn’t quite trust myself to post without a sense of post-conversion triumphalism that might have been seen as advocating “jumping ship”.

    That said, it is nice to know the old account still works, for those times in the future when I might actually have something to contribute.

  12. Conchúr says:

    A test to see if I’m still banned.