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Kendall’s Introduction to Acts can be found here – the final video will be available on Sunday January 6th
See below for important information and tips about blog registration and finding older entries that have scrolled off the main page. After the Christmas – New Year’s break we elves will be working with the blog tech folks to solve some of the recent technical issues.

T19 has been having some technical issues of late, including problems with spambots overwhelming our member registration database, and also problems with blog instability due to extreme server load caused by the blog at times. Our technical folks are looking into these things and we’re trying to resolve them. Apologies that it’s been a slow process.

In the meantime for those having problems logging in to your account, or wanting to register, please write the “elves” (volunteer blog admin assistants who work behind the scenes to help Kendall) at t19elves (at) yahoo (dot) com.

In order to reduce the server strain, the blog settings were recently changed to limit the entries on the front page of the blog to the 25 most recent entries. To view older entries, it is best to use either the monthly archives links on the right hand side of the blog, or use the T19 mobile interface.

We wish all our readers a Happy New Year, and appreciate your patience as we try to continue to resolve these issues. — the elves.


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7 comments on “A Blog Admin Note – User Registration, and How to View Previous Blog Entries

  1. Jeremy Bonner says:

    FYI, at the moment I can’t change the monthly archive setting from December 2012.

  2. The_Elves says:

    [i]Jeremy, If you are referring to the calendar at the top right of the blog, and the inability to go back to November, we contacted our tech support about the problems with that and other issues (including the broken pagination links at the bottom of the main page) awhile back.

    We apologize for the delays in fixing these things. There are some bigger problems related to blog coding and server stability that need to be sorted out before we can deal with some of these matters, including reopening member registration.

    We’re hoping these things can be sorted out soon, and we appreciate the patience of our readers.

    [b]Update:[/b] Doing a little bit of digging, I think I understand your question better, Jeremy. I think you mean if you are in the December archive, the link *ON THAT PAGE* to go back to the November archives does not work. I think I know how to fix that and will try to get that fixed later this evening. (*this is now fixed*)

    In the meantime however, all the monthly archive links on the right side menu DO work properly. I had verified that carefully before writing this entry suggesting that our readers take advantage of the archive links to view previous posts.

    -elf girl[/i]

  3. Jeremy Bonner says:

    Ah, my mistake. I now see what YOU meant. I forgot there were monthly listings as well as subject listings.

    Apologies and keep up the good work.

  4. Scatcatpdx says:

    Sorry to hear about your problems
    I do note the link at the bottom of the page only loops the first 25 entries.
    The only bot problem I have is comment spam but I use WordPress with Akismet. I may only see one slip per quarter.

  5. The_Elves says:

    One other tip for finding older entries:

    Even though the calendar at the top of the right hand menu is not working properly at the moment, it IS still actually possible to access entries by date.

    You just need to know the link pattern:

    here, for instance is the link for entries from Dec. 1, 2012

    So, to go to any given date, you use this URL

    and then add the date in the format yyyy/mm/dd/ at the end.

    So, for instance to see all the entries from Christmas Day, 2011, the link would be:

    Hope this is helpful to some.

    -elf girl

  6. DGus says:

    FWIW, some of us find that having multiple “sticky” posts, made sticky for a period of several days, makes the blog visually confusing. Moreover, it helps out the newcomer or occasional reader at the expense of regular readers (who have already seen these posts, and must scroll down to find new matter); and it thereby discourages regular readers from stopping by.

  7. Luke says:

    I stop by regularly, and have not been discouraged in the slightest as DGus seems to have been.

    It takes the slightest of efforts to scroll down by the stickies…If it works for the Elves, it works for me. Thanks for your efforts.