Hinduism: US website offends believers

The US-based online shopping place came under the attack from Hindu activists at Puri, one of the most hallowed destinations in India, following the misuse of Hindu gods and goddesses. The website sold undergarments embossed with the images of famous Hindu deities like Jagannath, Krishna, Rama, Siva, Mahalaxmi among others. A number of priests alongside some Hindu brigades poured into streets of Puri expressing their displeasure at the online shop.

Even though that website has put the images and slogans of other religions on undergarments, there was not any reaction from people of other communities here at Puri as the place is largely inhabited by Hindus.

But the Puri police slapped a case against the website based on a First Information Report (FIR) of Priyadarshan Pattnaik, the president of Jagannath Sena, a Puri-based religious outfit. Police also admitted that the website was found with selling undergarments emblazoned with the pictures of Hindu Gods and Goddesses through its online marketplace. “We registered a case under sections 295 (A) and 153 (A) of Indian Penal Code for maliciously hurting and damaging the religious sentiments and promoting enmity between classes, respectively. Though the crime has taken place somewhere else, we were bound to register a case looking at its sensitivity and link with the presiding god (Jagannath) at Jagannath temple. Investigation is on,” said Asheet Kumar Panigarhi, the superintendent of police (Puri). “This is a difficult case. We are facing such a case for the first time. We will see what we can do,” Panigarhi said.

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4 comments on “Hinduism: US website offends believers

  1. Jeffersonian says:

    Just wait until the National endowments start handing out cash to dunk Vishnu in a jar of piddle.

  2. Katherine says:

    There is no free speech in India. Were this website an Indian one, it would be shut down and its owners jailed. You can’t criticize other religions in India, or use idols in a way not appreciated by their worshippers. When we were there, there were riots in which people were killed because mud had allegedly been smeared on a statue.

  3. Wilfred says:

    We better stop using this Hindu underwear. We’ll just have to make our skin do.

  4. Harvey says:

    I don’t purchase such “crazy” items and I never will. Folks we don’t have to buy them do we? I recall a episode in Japan when I was shopping in Yokosuka for some send home item. One of the shops did have good things to send home. But made the mistake of packaging one of their gift handkerchiefs with my purchase. You can visualize what sinful acts it graphically depicted. I never went shopping there again. The small group of believers aboard the ship that I served took to carrying a small New Testament in our jacket pocket that was small enough so the words “New Testament” could be easliy read. It was amazing what a silent testimony message could be spoken that way. I was always welcomed in the shrines of other religions and faiths when they realized I came in peace. I even had a interesting talk with a Roman Catholic priest in Sasebo Japan. I’m saddened to see extremists of various religions violate their own code of ethics. Of course there were some “kooks” in various churchs of centuries past that were just as hotheaded; even the point of murder.