Baptist Minister Ken Harmon–The biblical Christmas story: It’s fact

First of all, there are many competent scholars who would not place the gospels of Matthew and Luke as late after Jesus’ earthly ministry as Rev. Jones does. Matthew was an eye-witness to what he wrote about, and Luke was a methodical historian who, as a contemporary of Paul, researched eye-witness accounts of Jesus’ life and ministry. Again, many scholars have clear reasons for accepting the validity of the gospel accounts.

Second, the virgin birth has nothing to do with normal conception. It would be more proper to consider it creation rather than conception. Another gospel writer, John, reminds us that Jesus Christ was pre-existent, was the Word who was God and was co-creator with God.

John says the Word was made flesh and lived among us. Luke’s point in including the virgin birth seems to be that this “God made flesh” grew and developed as any other human being.

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