Links to the Previous Summer Open Threads and Other Recently Featured Entries

Here are links to all of the recent Summer Open Threads we’ve posted while Kendall is on vacation. We’d still love to hear from readers on these topics!

1) Summer Open Thread: What Book or Books are You Reading right Now?
2) Summer Open Thread #2: Your Chance to be a Guest Blogger
3) Summer Open Thread #3: Recollecting Favorite Sermons

Links to some of the other entries that have been recently featured / stickied at the top of the blog:

**Index of All Recent Entries about Diocese of SC Litigation**

The Sunday on T19 thread with links to great sermons, prayers, etc.

Churches in West Africa call for prayer as Ebola virus spreads
The Gafcon Chairman’s August Pastoral Letter

You can use the “featured (sticky)” category link to find more posts that have been featured in recent weeks. Additional featured entries continue below – click on the read more link..

A Message from Bishop Mark Lawrence at the Close of the recent Diocese of SC Trial
Breaking: Appeal Court denies TEC Quincy Appeal
Recent Important Entries about the Church of England (Assisted Dying, Women Bishops and more)
Russian Orthodox Church Statement on Unilateral CofE Women Bishops Decision


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