(AP) Episcopal Leader: Church Will Not Reverse Same-Sex Marriage Stand

Presiding Bishop Michael Curry said Friday the U.S. Episcopal Church will not roll back its acceptance of gay marriage despite sanctions imposed this week by Anglican leaders.

In a phone interview from England, where he attended the gathering of top Anglican archbishops, Curry said he told his fellow leaders they should expect no change. The top Episcopal legislative body, called General Convention, last year voted overwhelmingly to authorize same-sex marriage ceremonies in church. In response, Anglican leaders Thursday stripped the Episcopal Church of any role in deciding doctrine or determining how the Anglican Communion operates for three years, effectively reducing the church to observer status in the 85 million-member global fellowship.

“They heard from me directly that that’s not something that we’re considering,” Curry said. “They basically understand we made our decision, and this is who we are, and we’re committed to being a house of prayer for all.”

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2 comments on “(AP) Episcopal Leader: Church Will Not Reverse Same-Sex Marriage Stand

  1. dwstroudmd+ says:

    What, not a signer of documents like Grizwald and Schori?

    Welby ought to be glad. He didn’t fall for that twice like Rowan!

  2. Pb says:

    “House of prayer for all.” This is a classic Obama rhetorical device. You postulate a position that no one believes and then take the opposite view. The implication is that there are those who wish to exclude to exclude folks from prayer and that I take the opposite view(right) view.