[Cranmer] Freemasons at Canterbury Cathedral: the hidden Masonic ritual in the Order of Service

Since we know (courtesy of the West Kent Masons) that:

The Service has been prepared in conjunction with the Dean of Canterbury Cathedral, the Very Reverend Dr Robert Willis, who has kindly agreed to deliver the Sermon on this occasion. We shall be joined by several of the High Rulers in the Craft and the Holy Royal Arch Chapter together with Brethren from the Provinces of East Kent, West Kent, Surrey and Sussex.

here’s the interesting thing..

The scriptures chosen have greater significance (and a very different meaning) to Freemasons than they do to (other) Christians. Indeed, they are used at the highest degree of Masonic initiation in their rituals of exaltation.
There’s nothing wrong with morality and good fellowship: these are virtuous Christian pursuits. But we might well ask the Dean of Canterbury Cathedral why so much of this Order of Service is steeped in covert references to Masonic ritual, with twisted scriptural interpretations known only (now not quite) to the initiated? Why the secret syncretism?

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2 comments on “[Cranmer] Freemasons at Canterbury Cathedral: the hidden Masonic ritual in the Order of Service

  1. Pageantmaster Ù† says:

    The Archbishop and Dean of Canterbury would do well to remember what happened to their predecessors:

    1 Kings 18:20-40.


  2. Pageantmaster Ù† says:

    Well, this all gets thicker. To put this liturgy with its links together mixing Masonic myth with Christian Scripture, Dean Robert Willis must be a very senior Freemason indeed.

    Willis’s name came up recently in a web report that Willis had visited the rump Episcopal Church in South Carolina bearing a stone from Canterbury Cathedral last Summer for Grace Church. Over at Virtue, this is also noted; and the Grace Church website also notes “A carved stone cross from Canterbury Cathedral was presented to Grace in April 2016 in celebration of its becoming the newest cathedral in the Anglican Communion. The stone can be found on the wall of the great arch entering the nave.”

    In addition to the donation of three hundred thousand pounds to Canterbury Cathedral under Dean Willis from local Freemasons which seems to have secured this service, Virtue also claims that Masonic marks and a record will be mounted in the Cathedral and goes on to say that while Justin Welby was Dean of Liverpool, Liverpool Cathedral accepted another large donation from Freemasons and that various masonic symbols are to be found in Liverpool Cathedral.

    Given that faculties are required from the Church to install anything in a church building, were these required and given? It would be surprising considering that in the most recent case, Chancellor Geoffrey Tattersall, QC of the Consistory Court denied a family’s request to mark masonic symbols on a tombstone. How much more for a cathedral?

    It also crosses ones mind to ask whether there is a Masonic connection between Dean Willis [and perhaps Welby] and the bishops of the rump diocese? The current bishop of the Episcopal Church in South Carolina is Bp Skip Adams, that noted Mosque-planter from New York. Is there a masonic link in the undermining of the orthodox Christian witness in the Anglican Church?

    Is there something you want to tell us Justin?

    It would certainly fit with Justin’s authoritarian view of society, including the view regularly expressed by him, including in his latest letter of invitation to the Anglican Primates, that everyone should accept his authority and determination of who is Anglican because he is the leader [a view which apparently does not include following Church Court decisions].

    What is up with this rising stench of corruption and impiety in Canterbury?